197 Not Enough for Rowington

Last Updated: May 5, 2015 09:34pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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On a nice cold, overcast and cloudy day Rowington began their 2015 league season against Kineton.
Skipper Scott Rogers continued in the same vein as last season and promptly lost the toss and as expected Kineton elected to insert the R's into bat.
With a new line up this year and players away Rowington plundered players from the second team and all around, and so Alex Smith opened with Graham Sly, Rowels and Cooper opened the bowling and it didn't take long for Cooper to show some magic and Sly's patient in not scoring for 3 overs showed as he edged to the keeper just like that for a duck and Rowington are 0 - 1.
Rogers comes in and with Smith they start to punish any bad ball and move up to 87 with Terry Brown taking heavy punishment and leaving Dunant to keep one end tidy, it is Dunant who tests Rogers' patience and yet again it is the Rowington downfall as he gets bowled trying to smash him out of the ground for 35, 87 - 2.
Joe Turrell helps Smith get past the 100 mark when Smith top edges off Dunant for 44, now its 106 - 3. Tom Jefferson joins Turrell and they add a dozen to the score when Turrell does a Rogers and its that man Dunant bowling him for 10, 118 - 4.
In comes Eike Gilbert, fresh from an early net and he takes on the bowlers, with quick runs, he and Jefferson add a brisk 18 when Jefferson (9) lobs one up off Stephens and it nestles in the fielders jumper who holds on and its now 136 - 5 with 8 overs left.
Young Joe Kelly comes to the crease and by farming the strike to Gilbert they start to attack the Kineton bowlers, Gilbert hitting some massive boundaries and he passes his fifty in the penultimate over and Rowington are 189 with one over to go and are trying for the 200, Kelly gets a single and they add another 7, with one ball to go Gilbert tries for the point winning boundary but gets bowled by Stephens and so the R's are 197 - 6 off their 45, Gilbert a great 57 and Kelly ending 13 not out.
Dunant         3 - 26
Stephens      2 - 27
Cooper         1 - 28
The Kineton wicket takers.
Brown and Taylor take to the crease and the ageless Steve Jay opens the bowling along with Sam Turrell and after a couple of Jay maidens the Kineton batsmen are getting impatient and Brown plays at a Turrell delivery and gets the edge to keeper Jefferson going for 6, 
Another couple of tight overs sees Taylor try to lunch it and Smith takes an easy catch and Turrell has two and Kineton are now 12 - 2.
Kinetons local search for new players in the winter seems to pay off as Australian Collins comes to the crease ( nice to see village cricket attracting the locals) to join Cooper he starts to punish anything short and both Jay and Turrell struggle to maintain their length and after 15 overs they are replaced by Joe Turrell and Andy Shaw with the score on 47.
Turrells first over is somewhat wayward and Collins hammers a six off the first ball and a couple more boundaries, Shaw keeps the other end fairly tight but after 20 overs the Kineton international 11 have moved to 97, and Turrell is replaced by Scott Rogers, who helps Shaw peg them back a little but Cooper is now getting into his stride as well and with Collins passing his 50 they are nearing the target.
Rogers gets little luck and Gilbert replaces him whilst Joe Kelly replaces Shaw and despite a couple of nicks through the slips Cooper also passes 50, with 8 overs to go Kineton are just 2 short of the target and Shaw comes back with Collins on strike and on 96, can he get his ton and help Kineton get past the 200?
Shaw bowls and Collins cuts it straight to Rogers who...........drops it! The next ball Collins tosses one Straight back to Shaw who...........drops it! 
Collins can't believe it and neither can Shaw who trudges off rather disconsolate!
Next over Collins hits a big six and he gets his ton and Kineton win the match in a remarkably easy fashion! Cooper finishes 67 not out.
Jay            7    2    20    0
Turrell     10    0    49    2
Turrell J    3    0    27    0
Shaw      8.2    0    46    0
Roger        5    0    20    0
Gilbert      3    0    18    0
Kelly        2    0    10    0
Unfortunately patience got the better for some of the R;s batsmen and 197 was nowhere near enough,The bowling was also a little rusty and far to short in a lot of cases but it is the first game of the season so hopefully an improvement will come next week.
Kineton made it look easy, alas one player made a big difference but Rowington can take solace in the fact all their players are in a ten mile radius of the ground which is what village cricket should be all about.
Off to Ashton under Hill next week.


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