23 Needed Points for Rowington

Rowington v Kineton

Last Updated: Jun 6, 2016 08:59pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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A decent sunny day for a change and Rowington travelled to Kienton where, on winning the toss, they elected to bowl first. 
In came Millard and Dennant and they proceeded to play and miss off Steve Jay on numerous occasions but took a liking to Sam Turrell and Millard plundered 20 off his first 2 overs, mainly baseball style! 
Dennant then edged one off Jay to Steve Turrell at slip who promptly dropped it and the two openers are starting to ride their luck, 
Millard now resorts back to his Babe Ruth impression and starts to plunder boundary after boundary, 
The R's decide to change tact and bring on Sam Lange who manages to get Millard to strike at his second ball and its straight to Sam Turrell on the boundary who pouches the catch and Rowington are on their way ( so's Millard 57) its 84 - 1.
Dennant is joined by Styles and Andy Shaw is on - it doesn't take him long to find his length and Styles gets bowls for a duck, 84 - 2.
Rowles joins Dennant who has at last found his stride and they move past the ton to 117 when Shaw bowls Rowles for 21. 
Jab comes in and fails to punch above his weight only getting 6 when Alex Dean clean bowls him, now its 130 -4.
Cooper joins Dennant  and Shaw continues, Dennant then attempts to sweep Shaw and gets a top edge straight to keeper Ollie Evans and he's now gone for 41, 135 - 5. 
Dixey comes in and Cooper (4) then hits one straight to Sam Turrell off Alex Dean and he's gone too, the scores the same 135 -6.
Stevens and Dixey plod on and although Stevens is looking a little Shaky, Dixey plays on and they get to 151 when Alex Dean again sees Joe Turrell catch off  his bowling and Dixey trudges off for 11, 151-7. 
Styles Snr joins Stevens but doesn't last long, Joe Turrell clean bowing him for a duck and the scores the same 151 - 8.
Dean then takes out Hutchins (1) middle stump - 152 - 9.
Stevens and Sutherland add 6 when Stevens gets bowled by Joe Turrell for 13 and the Kineton boys are all out for 158. 
After the two openers went there really wasn't much else for Rowington to worry about and although a good start it could have gone either way but for a couple of missed chances.
Jay            7    1    38    0
Turrell       5    0    33    0
Shaw      10    3    28    3
Lange       7    0    30    1
Dean        5    1    20    4
J Turrell    2    0      5    2
After a somewhat early tea the Rowington openers, Alex Smith and Steve Turrell had 54 overs to get to the target. 
Despite Cooper and Rowles bowling well they always gave away a boundary ball at some stage and the two openers took full advantage swiftly moving past the 50 mark, 
Turrell in particular was not hanging about and despite a couple of scares soon past his own 50 ( making up for the dropped catch) and Rowington eased past the 100 mark at 24 overs. 
Stevens, Millard, Dennant and Jab all took a turn to bowl but although stemming th flow of runs they couldn't get past the openers defences and with Smith getting his 50 Rowington passed the target in the 37th over,  Turrell a fine knock of 87 no and Smith 56 no. 
A good performance saw Rowington gain 23 much needed points, Kineton may struggle if their openers don't come off, they scored 98 of the Kineton total. 
Its FISSC next week for Rowington and with more players back things should start to move forward!


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