27-5 Victory for OLRFC Ladies

Old Leamingtonion Ladies 27 - 5 Kidderminster Ladies

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2013 07:19am
Blackdown, Warwick
By Rosie Spiegelhalter
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Old Leamingtonian Ladies have retained their title of The Team To Beat with a 27-5 victory against Kidderminster added to its unspoiled track record.

With the dismal weather matching some of the team members’ mental states after the Rugby 4 Heroes Masquerade Ball the night before, the team were set up for a challenge. As the hardened Danni Benge was still injured from an aggressive game against Lutterworth, OLs veteran Claire Penna whipped the team into shaped with a guest appearance as scrum-half.

The high winds and the realisation that the team had met their toughest opposition yet made for a slow start, but a rallying call from coach Gemma Lewis saw the energy pick and in the 20th minute newbie centre Tash Barnes sprinted from the half way line to score the first try. With the standard set high, flanker Kim Carlisle raised the score to 10-0 up. A second try from Tash Barnes was spectacularly converted at a huge distance in a brilliant dropkick by fly-half Sarah “Doris” Monday.

In the closing minutes of the first half, speedy left winger Liz Kennedy put the team in a secure position at 22-0.

The second half, now playing into the wind, began with a horrendous tackle felling forward Lucy Webb-Wilson, just back up on her feet from the first game of the season. After a lot of stopping and starting, star centre Yoli Sempere Padilla scored a try between the posts. Captain Allison Condell, having put in some amazing ground-gaining tackles, was given the yellow card and the team pushed through the final ten minutes with fourteen players. With stamina waning and numbers down, Kidderminster broke through for a final try and the final score was 27-5.

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