A Deserved Win for Kineton

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2016 06:44am
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington v Kineton
After last weeks shock win against top of the table Leek Wootton, Rowington welcomed lowly Kineton and with a slightly better team elected to bat on a sunny afternoon and good looking track.
Alas the Rowington top order failed to take advantage and after 5 overs the R's were 0 - 3 with Scott Rogers, Sam Turrell and Joe kelly all back in the pavilion on ducks with Durnian taking 2 and Millard 1, not the best of starts! 
Joe Turrell and Tommy Williams started the revival and got to 81 when Williams (28) played all around one from Kahn and in came Ben Skillings who only grabbed a couple as Durnian had him caught and now Rowington are 84 - 5. 
Marcus Miles helps Turrell push past the ton but then falls to Dunant for 10 but Adam Covell takes the bull by the horns and guides the score to 125 when Turrell goes LBW to kahn for 48 and Rowington are 7 down.
Covell carries on but soon loses George Redwood for 5 and Matt Williams joins him and together they get past the 150 and up to 165 when Williams is bowled again by Durnian and last man Steve Jay only adds 5 as he also goes the same fate as Williams but this time to Strong. 
Rowington ending 170 all out in 44 overs , Covell a great knock of 33 no. 
A target a good 50 short of what was expected.
Durnain    5 -18
Millard      1 -22
Kahn        2 - 43
Dunnant   1 - 46
Strong      1 - 21
Kineton were in desperate need of a win and Dunnant and Taylor proceeded cautiously and Jay soon had Taylor back in the hutch for 1 caught by Joe Turrell, this brought Stokes in and with Dunnant they began to find their feet with the ball not swinging and the track offering little assistance they soon got to 100 and then to 125 when Rogers managed to entice Stokes to cut to George Redwood at gully who made no mistake and Kineton are 2 down. 
Dunnant is not hanging around and RGH joins him and they reach the target after just 35 overs and a much needed win sees them move out of the bottom 2.
S Jay              7    4    16    1
M Williams    10    0    34    0
S Turrell          8    0    52    0
S Rogers         7    0    47    1
J Turrell           3    0    23    0
A poor batting performance made it hard for the bowlers but all credit to Kineton, who batted well and deserved their win.


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