Brocton 2 - 1 Walsall Wood

Last Updated: Aug 8, 2016 09:11pm
Penkside, Stafford
By Pete Russell
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The Emirates FA Cup 

Extra Preliminary Round - Saturday 6th August 2016


On a pleasantly warm and sunny day, Brocton began with a crisp passing game and were soon into their stride. Visitors Walsall Wood were on the defensive but did so with good discipline and not a little skill as they closed down quickly and left few gaps for the home side to exploit.

When Wood did win the ball and retain possession, they tried to hit it forward quickly and to turn the Brocton defence and Joey Butlin proved to be a good outlet as he held off his marker, who was usually Matt Skinner and waited for support. 

In turn, the Brocton defence were equally well marshalled and Butlin was seldom able to set Wood’s attackers into a position of danger and similarly Brocton’s attacks were starved of opportunity.

It was a game for the football addict rather than the casual observer as both sides nullified each other and it was over 40 minutes before a shot on target. That came from Brocton in the form of Jack Edwards as he fired his shot across visiting keeper Conor McCarthy and into the bottom corner of the net on 42 minutes. The chance was hard won as first Dan Lomas, then Dominic Dell and finally Sean Kinsella all had to fight for the right to pass the ball, the final one from Kinsella setting Edwards on path to goal. Even Edwards himself had to ride a tackle as he shot, but the reward was the half-time lead. 

The Badgers were buoyed by their one goal lead and soon got the opportunity to add to it in the second period. Kinsella clipped a ball invitingly deep into the area and Lomas cushioned a header over the advancing keeper. McCarthy stretched up and back and with a strong hand, pushed the shot over the bar.

Wood stalwart Corey Currithers, on the field in place of Harry Harris, then made the most of a skewed header from Brocton substitute Matt Dean and a slip at the vital moment from Matt Skinner. The ball fell at the feet of Currithers, and he made no mistake to level the match at 1-1.

As the game looked more and more set for a replay and with Brocton blooding youngster Declan Green, replacing Dell, it was fellow substitute Paul McMahon, who showed his experience and class with a brilliant winner.

With a ball to his right and on the right hand edge of the area, McMahon hooked it over his own shoulder to his left and with his marker duly bamboozled, was able to pick his spot. It was a blow for the visitors, who simply did not have time left to react. 

Brocton will now travel to Chasetown in the next round


Brocton: Calum Edwards, Kenny Devoir, Ben Douglas, Ben Taylor, Matt Skinner, Charlie Jones, Jack Edwards, Andrew Davies, Dominic Dell, Sean Kinsella, Dan Lomas.

Used Substitutes: Matt Dean, Paul McMahon, Declan Green

Unused: Aidan Stone, Kieran Smith, Dave Berks, Callum Head.

Referee: Jamie Conde



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