Can Rowington top the Leeks?

Last Updated: Aug 8, 2016 08:51pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington travelled to top of the table Leek Wootton with a couple of second teamers and two players playing their first game to help out in the August horror holiday season, but at least the R's had 11 this week! 
Stand in skipper Scott Rogers won the toss and with blazing sunshine inserted the Leeks into th efield. 
Opening with himself and Matt Page Rogers hit the third ball to the boundary but unfortunately edge the foutrth ball from Allison to the keeper and Rowington are 4 -1. 
Page is joined by Joe Kelly and they steadily move past the 50 to 52 when Page is caught off Ansari for 19.
In comes Tom Jefferson in only his third game this year and aids Kelly to 62 when Kelly is caught of Cox for 34 and now Rowington are 62 -3. 
Ben Skillings watches as Jefferson scores but with the score on 71 Skillings's baron innings ends as he goes caught off Singh for a duck, 71 -4. 
Mat Williams joins Jefferson and agan 9 are added to the score when Williams is bowled by Couchman and so its 80 - 5. 
Steve Jay is elevated to number 7 and quickly adds a boundary and a few brisk singles takes the score to 91 when Jay takes one in the waist and is out....LBW for 7 and Rowington are relling on 92 -6.
The tail needs to wag to make a game of this, and Matt Andrews, playing his first game, quickly smashes a boundary and takes the score to 100 when Jefferson i bowled by Couchman for 15, 100 - 7. 
Sam Lange joins Andrews and takes the bull by the horns hitting a few boundaries and Andrews assists until he holes out off Wagle, who does a dance of joy and Rowington are now 114 - 8. 
Stuart Gould lasts 3 balls and is out for nowt - 115 - 9 but Naz Nazir stands his ground and dispite being out off a no ball he helps Lange get to 135 off the allotted 45 overs and Rowington end on 135 - 9. 
A good 100 short of a decent target!
Allison          1 - 26
Ansali           1 - 22
Cox              1 - 28
Singh           1 - 17
Couchjman  4 - 23
Wagle          1 - 17
The Leeks bowlers.
Rowington only have four bowlers and Steve Jay opens with Matt Williams,and in Jay's first over Couchman edges to Williams at slip who ......drops it! 
Fortunately 5 overs later Jay gets Couchman to edge gain and this time Williams holds on and the Leeks are 18 - 1. 
Murphy joins Budd and doesn't last long adding a couple when he goes bowled by Williams and now its 21 - 2. 
Budd is showing a lot of bottle as he targets any bad ball but Rowington are targeting his partners and Wagle soon goes, again bowled by Williams for 2 and 
Leek Wootton are 34 -3.
Nagular comes in to join Budd and a partnership builds to 71 when a change of bowling sees Sam Lange come on and in his second over sees Matt Andrews take a great catch at long off and Nagular  (7) goes, 71 - 7. 
Budd is still fizzing and Pell grabs a boundary but Lange's faster ball deceives him and he is bowled, 80 -5 ....could Rowington pull this off? 
Scott Rogers replaces Williams and the ball is still swinging, Jabis grabs a couple and then a boundary off Lange who repays him by bowling him and now the Leeks are 86 - 6.  
Rogers then tempts Budd into a drive but he plays around it and Jefferson behind the stumps is too quick and Budd has gone for a fine knock of 52. but has theh Leeks chances of winning gone with him? 86 - 7. 
Dave comes in to join Cox and they muster the score up to 108 when Cox is caught in the deep by a back peddling Joe Kelly off Rogers and the R's could just pull this off, could they?? 
Zain meets up with Dave for a chat and they get to 116 when Dave plays one straight down the channel to Matt Andrews at Long off and yet again he takes a blinder of a catch to take the 9th wicket and 4 for Lange,  116 - 9. 
Singh joins Zain and Zain is facing Rogers - a superb swinging delivery sees Zain play all around the ball and he is bowled, The Leeks are all out for 116 and amazingly Rowington have beaten the champions elect with a makeshift team.
Jay             8    2    27    1
Williams    10    0    39    2
Lange        8    1    26    4
Rogers       5.1    1    11    3
The R's bowlers performed really well and with the ball swinging like Tarzan from trees the Leeks just could not play them, a great team performance from every single player was the thing that gave Rowington the edge, a great victory which all but secures the R's status for next season. 


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