Elmley Seen Off By Rowington

Last Updated: May 18, 2015 08:42pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Elmley Castle visited Rowington on Saturday and with skipper Rogers losing the toss the R's were inserted into the field.
Opener Howman began in a 20/20 style taking on the bowlers and his enthusiasm got the better of him once to often and Sam Turrell got him to play on and the Elms are 19-1.
Jay and Turrell are keeping it tight but after a couple of overs Cooper starts to get his eye in and all hell breaks loose as he plunders boundary after boundary.....Eaton is a mere spectator at the other end and after 11 overs the Elms are on 71.
Jay is replaced by Matty Williams and Andy Shaw replaces Turrell as the R's look for a breakthrough, targeting Cooper as Eaton is not doing much, After a tidy 4 overs Cooper (39) tries again to launch one but the ball from Williams catches him out as it pitches short and he gets the edge to Jefferson behind the stumps, the breakthrough has been made and 
its 80 - 2.
Eaton is joined by Charlton and they bob along but its not long before Williams bowls Charlton for 2 and now we are 84 - 3.
Shaw is keeping the one end tight and the run rate is coming back in the R's favour, Richardson is made to look a proper Charlie by Shaw as he lobs one to Rogers who pouches it and now its 90 - 4.
Bailey (0)  then gets caught by Tommy Williams off Matt Williams with the score the same and  although Eaton is still there he needs to push on and in doing so gets bowled by, you've guessed it.....Matt Williams for a very patient 22. Now its 104 - 6.
Cross is joined by Hopkins who is no rabbit as he plays some nice shots, alas Cross doesn't and Williams gets his fifth wicket bowling him for 10. 108 - 7.
Shaw finishes his tight ten and so does Williams in a fine spell and Rogers smells blood as the tail is in, 
Hopkins is staying around like a long good Friday but then Rogers traps him LBW for a precious 22 and the Elms rise to 137 - 8,
Webb (6) helps W Bailey to 143 when he gets bowled by Joe Turrell who had replaced Rogers. 143 - 9.
Bailey is joined by last man Roberts and they manage to get the Elms to 155 in the 41st over when they chance a quick single but Tommy Williams is quicker and a direct hit see the Elms on 155 all out.
Bailey 9 and Roberts 2 no.
Jay                6    1    26    0
Turrell S        8    0    55    1
Williams      10    3    20    5    Superb spell by the youngster!
Shaw           10    4    16    1
Turrell J         4    0    11    1
Rogers       2.4    0    10    1
A good response from Rowington after Coopers prolific start but with strength in bowling and batting the balance paid off as Williams and Shaw steadied the ship and some good fielding leaves the R's chasing 156 to win off 49 overs. 
Alex Smith and Scott Rogers take to the crease and add a dozen when a short ball rises over Smiths pads and he is adjudged LBW for a duck, off W Bailey, not sure he was very happy about the decision as the changing room door will testify to!
Tommy Williams joins Rogers and they add 17 when Hopkins silences the crowd by bowling Rogers for 21, its 29 - 2.
Man of the moment Eike Gilbert comes in but doesn't trouble the scorers as he gets an edge to the keeper off  Webb, 30 - 3 and the R's are making hard work of this,
Tom Jefferson comes in and helps the revival with Williams to take it to 72 when he gets bowled by Hopkins for 13,
Sam Turrell helps Williams take it past the ton and onto 104 and with 19 overs to go the R's can do it in singles as the Elms are all saving boundaries Turrell (15) opts for the boundary option and gets caught.........on the boundary! Now Rowington are 104 - 5.
Joe Turrell replaces his brother and and promptly adds a single and a boundary when a rising short ball clips his arm and he is given out, off Hopkins, he joins Smith in the pavilion steam room and Williams carries on an past his 50. 115 - 6.
John Glover proves that you don't have to be a plumber to bend things as he bends his bat around a straight one from Hopkins and is out for a duck!
And so Matt Williams joins namesake Tommy Williams and they aptly marshal the score up to and past the target with 9 overs to spare, Tommy getting 79 not out in a great innings and Matty completing his day with 12 not out.
Hopkins  4 - 57
W Bailey 1 - 25
Webb      1 - 24
Cooper   1 - 34
A good disciplined performance by Rowington seeing off ex premier league opponents, its clear that the more you shout the more chance you may get heard, must be a premier thing!
Tanworth in Arden next week.


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