Entries open for Birmingham Regatta

Saturday 27th April 2013

Last Updated: Apr 14, 2013 03:08pm
Ladywood, Birmingham
By Birmingham Rowing Club
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Entry fee: £9.75 per seat. £1 per seat more if paid on the day. Enter via British Rowing online entry. All enquiries 0766 166 602.

725m, still water, stern-on starts from stakeboats - 2 lane round robins

Entries will close when 125 have been received. 

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Birmingham Regatta 2013
1. All primary events are NON-QUALIFYING. Entries will be limited to a maximum of 125
crews, and entries will shut once 125 have been received.
2. Racing will start no earlier than 9.45am.
3. Primary events are open to all who have not won any event and who have started rowing in
the last 18 months. We would ask coaches to play fair by this rule.
4. The event is being run in 2 divisions. Boats and crew must ONLY be entered once in each
division. Please note by doubling up you are committing your crews to rowing at least
4 races. Please ensure we know details of doubling up.
5. We will split the J14 quads and octuples into three events. These will correspond to
the British Rowing requirements for a J14A, J14B and J14 Primary event. All of these
events will be run as round robins. We ask coaches to enter their crews in the
appropriate category dependent on their experience..
6. In order to give the youngest juniors more racing all J12 and under events will be open only.
7. Masters events will be fitted into the timetable according to entries.
8. All primary events will be run as round robins (where numbers of entries allow) and crews will
stay on the water until the round robin round in their event is completed. All crews in an event
should boat at the same time which is 15 minutes before the first race in that event. All races
will be timed. The winning boat will be determined by the number of wins in each event, then
by cumulative winning times or if not possible by cumulative winning margin. There may be a
final race to break ties. Non-primary events will be straight knock-out. Please let us have the
details of a contact person for the afternoon of Sunday, 21st April.
9. Entry is by British Rowing online entry only but this site will be active from 15th March 2013. If
you cannot enter via BROE please send forms to 27 Haughton Road, Handsworth,
Birmingham B20 3LE. All entries should be made by BROE if possible. Payment will be by
cheque and these should be sent to the above address before the day of the regatta to avoid
a penalty.
10. All entries scratched after the draw will be charged. Clubs should inform us as soon as
possible of any scratchings.
11. Please let us have contact details on entry for a responsible person who will be
present on the day.
12. The regatta committee may change any of these rules to suit particular circumstances.