European Touch Championships 2014

Manchester Chargers players selected for international duty

Last Updated: Apr 9, 2014 02:54pm
Heatons South, Stockport
By Gregg Cropper
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2014 sees the most Chargers representing their country, since the club began. 

This is a great testiment to the clubs development, coaching staff and committee, who strive to progress!

List of Chargers representing their country in 2014

Ben Powell (MO)
Simon Whitnall (MO)
Jonny Acheson (MX30)

Chloe Llewellyn (MXO)
Aled Livingstone (MXO)

Morgan Ogle (WO)
Pam Tomlinson (WO)
Sarah Acheson (WO)

Cathy Spencer (W27)
Julie Walker (W27)
Denise Yarrow (W27)
Sarah Poole (W27)

Gregg Cropper (MX30)
Leanne Simm (MX30)
Beckie Yousefian (MX30)
Richard Adamson (MX30)

Rob Wellock (M30)

Terry Careswell (M40)



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