Great Bowling by Rowington

Rowington v Ashton under Hill

Last Updated: May 14, 2014 04:06pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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The R's travelled the long way to Ashton on saturday and with dark clouds and gloomy forecasts they doubted a ball would be bowled, however Ashton is always odd when it comes to weather and the rains seemed to circle the ground but rarely touched it!

Scott Rogers tossed up and  a last second change of heart saw him call correctly and opt to bowl.

Opener Steve Jay soon found the length but had to battle the strong cross wind and after Cooper snr dispatched him for four he soon got revenge in the next over getting Cooper junior,(1)  just like that, to edge to Eike Gilbert in the slips and its 10 -1. 

Miles comes in and is soon in trouble as both Jay and Gilbert miss the edge, then Miles lobbs one up and Joe Turrell reaches it but it slips from his grasp, Miles survives ( Jay isnt happy) and in the next over he pats one up in the air to Jay off his own bowling but somehow Jay contrives with Williams to mess it up and drops the easiest catch he will ever get, Miles is going the diastance! Jay is going to the opticians!

With the score on 46 Coopers resistance ends and he plays around a straight one off Jay and is LBW for 12. 

Jay completes his ten and Shaw replaces him and doesn't take long to entice Perks to sky one to Matt Page for a duck, 56 - 3. 

Then Miles' luck runs out as Rogers bowls him for a somewhat fortunate 35 its 57 - 4. 

De Alwig (1) doesn't last long as he's caught outside his crease by the sharp keeper Tom Jefferson, Hanks is getting deserted and could get cast away as his partners commit batting suicide, Harris only adds 4 and he goes caught and bowled by Shaw its now 61 - 6 and the veteran Hanks is joined by W Archer, they dig in and put on a good 80 runs before Hanks goes for a big one off the returning Rogers and its terminal....caught by Tommy Williams for a fine 57. 

145-7 and Archer decides to have a go and he skies one up to the running in Gilbert who pouches it and Rogers has another one, its 155- 8 and the overs are all gone, can the R's chase it this week? 

Jay        10 3 27 2 When it swung they had no chance, when the wind blew they had 4!

Gilbert     8 1 38 0 Unlucky not to get the edge.......would have probably been dropped anyway!

Rogers     9 3 31 4 Good early bowling and took out the two danger men at the end.

Shaw     10 3 25 2 Usual stuff from Shawy, accurate and conservative on the runs.

Clarke      3 0 12 0 Tight as ever but didn't get the breaks.

Turrell J   5 0 18 0 Getting better each week, unlucky not to get a wicket as one whizzed  throught he slips!

After a lovely tea the Rowington batsmen only add 6 when Page gets bowled around his Harris, by Harris but Alex Smith and Scott Rogers dispatch the bad balls and are on target, with the score on 58 the rain reaches the ground and the players sit out 10 overs and so its areduced target of 125,  off 36 overs. 

Thats last weeks losing target!

Anyway the rains stop and Smith is out almost immediately for 27 off Archer but Rogers is going strong and Tommy Williams soon gets in his stride and the lack of bowling is starting to cause Ashton problems as Wakefield gets hammered for 14 and 9 off his two overs

The R's have reached 96 when Rogers gets caught off Smith for 49. 

There's 11 overs to go and Rowington need 29, should be easy?   

Well Tommy W is joined by Tommy Jefferson and between them they only need three overs as they easily pass the target, Williams a fine 22no and jefferson 12 no.

Harris 1 - 36

Archer 1 - 20

Smith 1 17

The Ashton wicket takers.

A great bowling performance again by Rowington but followed up this week with disciplined batting, some poor catching made life harder but its only the second game and its Bidford at home next week.



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