Guinness World Record attempt

Last Updated: Aug 26, 2011 05:21pm
Evesham, Wychavon
By Katy Tarplee
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 Do you have any free time between 12 noon on Friday 23rd September through to 3.00 pm on Monday 26th September? If so, please read on...
Evesham Vale Running Club is aiming to establish a new Guinness World Record for the fastest continuous 100 x 10km running relay.  The current world record is 77 hr 17 min 25 sec, set by the Florida Striders Track Club, (USA) at Bishop John J. Snyder High School, Jacksonville, Florida, from 3-6 December 2009. 
·         This record was originally established in the UK – our Olympic inspired idea is to bring it back home before the 2012 Games in a target time of 75 hours.
·         The record must be set on an athletics track, so we have obtained permission to use the Jubilee Athletic Track in Stratford Upon Avon. 
·         The record attempt will start at 12 noon on Friday 23rd September and finish early in the afternoon on Monday 26th September.
·         We have to time the event from start to finish and we have to time each runner and keep a log book with full details of the event as it takes place.
·         Guinness have stipulated that we must have two independent adjudicators at all times who will witness and confirm that we are following their guidelines and rules for the event. This is where we need your help.
·         Each adjudicator can be ‘in post’ for a maximum of 4 hours. They can do more than one 4-hour stint, but there must be a minimum of 4 hours in between each session.
·         As it’s a continuous relay, help is required through the night as well as during the day.
·         Ideally, adjudicators need to be 18 years of age, although we will accept 16/17 year olds provided we can match them up with another adjudicator who is over 18.
·         We have runners taking part from Evesham Vale Running Club, together with members of Malvern Joggers, Stratford Athletics Club and unattached runners, many of whom were participants in the Evesham Vale 10k held earlier this year.  Each runner will have to run 25 laps of the track and complete the distance in, hopefully, under 45 minutes or thereabouts.
·         The event is to be held as a Community Games Event.
·         Although charity isn’t our main objective with this event, any surplus funds (once all our costs are met) will be donated to charity – probably Clic Sargent.
·        If you can help, or you’d like more information, please give me a call on 07507952471 / 01386 40990 or contact me by email:
Katy Tarplee
On behalf of Evesham Vale Running Club.