Schwalbe British 4X 2015 – Round 3

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015 09:32pm
Westbury-on-Severn, Forest of Dean
By Chris Roberts
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Redhill in Gloucestershire is one of Britain’s iconic 4X tracks. A venue that embraces everything that is so great about 4X. Great flowing track, great atmosphere and most of all a fun place to be. Riders and spectators love it. This is a venue that always showcases great racing and on Sunday it was no different.

With weather forecasts all week saying that a wet weekend was in store, on Saturday they were right – but only for the morning. In the afternoon the track dried out and by Saturday evening the track was in a pretty decent condition.

Sunday morning arrived and thankfully there was no rain. Just blue skies, no wind and a perfect day for 4X racing. Practice got underway at 09.30 and all the riders got going. The first turn is tight at Redhill, so you could see riders starting to look at lines in that turn especially, but also using insides on several other turns. Redhill is famous for passing, so riders were looking for the places they would use in racing.

The motos got underway and unfortunately there was a big casualty in the Elite men’s. Race favorite Lewis Lacey snapped his chain just pedals out of the gate in his first moto and hit the ground hard. We are glad to report that he escaped with minor injuries and a big headache but thankfully he will be back to fight another day.

I think it’s safe to say that every race had some drama throughout the day! Lots of passing and action, especially in the new last turn on the grass. By finals time we were down to the fastest men and women and the action unfolded.

In the rippers class, Tyler Partridge looked fantastic all day and is surely a future 4X star. Taking the win in Redhill ahead of Adam Barrass and Louie Partridge. Fun class was won by Charlie Millman, from Joe Palmer and Tom Krause.

Big fun was great to watch all day. With 21 riders, these guys were getting a great experience of racing 4X. In the end it was won by Chris Cotham from Alfie Stephens and Alex Ruther.  Declan Willicombe had another great day of racing taking the win with Shane Davies in 2nd and Ted Dalleywater in 3rd.

Aaron Dalleywater worked hard for the win in Youth beating the challenge of Charles Currie and Leon Bradley. Seniors and it was great to see Joe Wallbridge taking the win ahead of Ash Brown and Daniel Wagstaff. We must mention it was great to see Tom Gethin a Redhill local racing again finishing in 4th. In the very competitive Masters race, it was Stephen Russell who eventually clawed his way to victory ahead of Matt Hillyard and David Sibley.

Some of the best racing this year has been in the vets. Ben Rafferty once again got the better of the others taking the win from [censored] Baker and Jonathon Walters.

The final for Elite women lined up in the gate for the final. Natasha Bradley took gate 1, Tyde D’Souza in 2, Heather Kay in 3 and Kelli Salone in 4. The gate dropped and Natasha took the lead into turn 1. D’Souza was close behind with Kay in 3rd. On the split straight all 4 riders were close, but positions held all the way down. Bradley taking the win, D’Souza in 2nd and Kay in 3rd.

In the elite men’s class, there was tight racing all day. After the motos Nathan Parsons, Duncan Ferris and Dave Richardson were the top qualifiers.

In the B final it was a tight battle Dan Bateson had made a great comeback to 4X racing and won the B final to give himself 5th for the day and the final step on the podium.

Onto the main final for Elite Men. Gate 1 was Nathan Parsons, 2 was Duncan Ferris, 3 was  Dave Richardson and Alex Metcalfe was on 4. The gate dropped and Parsons got the snap leading into turn 1. It was tight in turn 1 as everyone fought for position. Richardson dived to the tight inside line which really mixed the riders up. Ferris was in 2nd and fighting hard. Heading into turn 2, the 4 riders were really close and it looked like something had to give. On the 3rd straight, unfortunately it was Parsons, who lost his front wheel and crashed over the bars. In the ccarnage, Ferris and Richardson got away. It was close all the way but at the finish line it was Ferris from Richardson, Metcalfe and Parsons in 4th.

The next event for the Schwalbe British 4X Series will be on August 8th/9th at Falmouth in Cornwall for rounds 4 and 5 of the Series. For more information on the Schwalbe British 4X Series, visit:






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