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Last Updated: Mar 30, 2014 11:16am
Harvington, Wychavon
By Simon Burgess
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The Bromsgrove and District Football League (BDFL) has been in existence since 1902.

Historically it has been seen by many as a feeder league to the normally larger subscribed nearby set-ups in Kidderminster and Redditch.  But this trend appears to be coming to an end.

In season 2011/12 the league, after a tireless effort from Vice Chairman and Project Manager Tony Rees, received approval to start a Premier Division. This was a much needed addition to the league hierarchy that allowed the BDFL’s top clubs to compete with their counterparts from other leagues in County FA competitions (Redditch United Sunday have this season become the leagues first club to reach the Worcester FA Sunday Premier Cup Final, another benchmark to add to the others in recent history).

With a steady increase in numbers the 2012/13 saw the league increase to 4 divisions, this meant that for the first time in recent memory the Bromsgrove League no longer had the lowest amount of clubs, overtaking the nearby Redditch & South Warwickshire league.

Under the leadership of General Secretary Simon Burgess, the league has differentiated itself from its peers with interaction between the committee, clubs, players and fans while fully embracing the trend towards social networking. Its Facebook group alone has over 1,000 members and is regularly active with reports, news, pictures, videos and plenty of banter. Its Twitter account has over 300 followers. The leagues website,, averages 2,500 hits per week and the famous Sunday Report is eagerly awaited each weekend!

It is also the only league in the county (maybe even the country!) that boasts a competition offering prize money. The WA Harris Cup (The FA Cup of the BDFL) currently has a £500 cash prize awaiting the winners courtesy of sponsor WA Harris Coaches.  

What is apparent is the financial struggle most clubs encounter, with ever increasing administration, facilities and equipment costs to deal with. It is also evident that this can deter would-be managers and secretaries from forming a club– or worse still, fold their current set-ups.

It is with this mind the BDFL are going to incentivise clubs in 2014/2015 by rewarding any side who manages to make it through the season without accruing any BDFL fines. At the culmination of the season those eligible clubs will find a £25 credit in their accounts to help with the following season’s fees. It is hoped this will provide extra inspiration for clubs to concentrate on their administration. 

In addition to this incentive, for which all clubs, old or new, will be eligible, the BDFL is pleased to announce a discounted “new team” fee. Newly formed clubs traditionally pay an extra £60 in their first season for set-up costs such as match report forms and registration cards. In order to attract more teams to the league the BDFL are reducing this fee to just £35, so the cost of a new team joining will only be £135 (as opposed to £160 in previous seasons). Existing clubs will continue to pay £100 for their registration.

So if you’re considering starting a team, whether it be a group of friends out to enjoy a Sunday morning, or a manager looking to build something with a bit more of a serious angle. We are confident there is no better place to be than the BDFL!

For more information please contact General Secretary Simon Burgess via email on,  via the website at or the Twitter account @BDFLofficial



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