Junior Squad win Court Case

Market Harborough RFC

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2014 08:58pm
Market Harborough-Welland, Harborough
By David Nance
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After a 2 year battle through the small claims court our current U17 group have been successful in claiming back all monies sent to a travel company.

It was in the summer of 2011 that the then under 15's were planning a tour to France. They responded to marketing information from Burleigh travel and started discussions on a tour to Biarritz.

All seemed rosy and costs suggested were around £350 all in including a White Water Rafting trip and all agreed to take this forward. As is often the case there were discounts and free gifts on offer but we needed to demonstrate our intention by sending in some money by the end of September. This we achieved although we had no confirmed details at that time and had not signed anything.

Within a week we received all the paperwork which sent alarm bells ringing as the business terms gave cause for concern, the price escalate significantly and more money was demanded. We immediately asked for our money back but the Burleigh travel refused. We subsequently took them to court which proved to be an arduous process with 4 court attendances over the next 2 years which ended in December with us winning with costs although there are always some costs that remain unrecoverable.

A big thanks to parent Phil Gibbs who persuaded one of his collegues to act for us on a no win no fee basis but the work involved is not something to be repeated.

Lessons to learn are never part with any cash until everything is fully costed and agreed and avoid Burleigh Travel.


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