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Last Updated: Aug 14, 2013 07:22pm
Newbury, West Berkshire
By KartForce
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We're very proud to be the first injured troops to race in UK's most demanding endurance kart race - the British 24hr - where we'll be competing against 70 teams of UK's top kart racing teams.

We're entering 2 teams - 4 drivers per team. The 4 double amputee in the above photo will make up one team as they raced together in the Le Mans 24hr in July.

The lads in our second team will be experiencing this for the first time.

Each lad will race for stints of around 90 to 100 mins - as long as the fuel lasts. He'll come in, re-fuel and hand over to the next driver. If you want to see a short 2 min video of a driver change-over and full pit stop, check out this VIDEO - second video down.

In 24hrs each lad will race for 6hrs each - 4 x 90 min stints. This is the equivalent of completing in 4 normal team endurance races in one day.

To ensure the lads get sleep and rest between their stint, we've rented a marquee so it's wheelchair accessible. We've got a crew of 4 to provide support and maintain both karts and we have 2 supporters helping with feeding and hydrating the lads.

We're also very honoured to have Sara Fogg from Startline Sports Massage that specialises in motorsport. Sara will be making sure the lads are in good physical shape and prepare the lads before they start each stint, then give them a good session when they come off. 


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