Kenilworth Ladies Lose to Old Newtonian

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2015 09:35am
Kenilworth, Warwick
By Willie Whitesmith
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Kenilworth’s second outing was less exciting than their first they lost against a well drilled Old Newtonian side.

The first few minutes came as a shock to Kenilworth as the opposition ran two quick tries past with a third very lucky try following shortly after. Kenilworth at this stage realised just how difficult the game was going to get. The Kenilworth defence got significantly better and managed to keep Old Newts away from their try line but a few missed tackle saw the home team score a fourth try just before half time. Going into half time, Old Newts were four tries up and K’s had to regroup and rethink the game plan. 

It was the second half and K’s were determined to do this properly. The whistle went to signify the start of the second half, and the Kenilworth Ladies knew that one thing was for sure, when the ball wasn’t in their possession, the defence had to be very solid. Kenilworth played a lot better than they had in the first half, a couple of disallowed Kenilworth tries caused some upset but the Ladies didn’t let this get them down. They showed great resilience and determination, hardly missing a tackle and utilising the ball whenever in possession, fighting till the end to finish with a loss 36-0.


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