Kenilworth Pirates Pre Easter Tour

Kenilworth Pirates 59 v 54 Teignmouth Vets

Last Updated: Apr 17, 2014 11:26am
Kenilworth, Warwick
By Bruce Doe
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Kenilworth Pirates (Vets) took on Teignmouth Vets on their annual pre-Easter tour.

The Pirates left the field of play having been told by the debutante yet extremely proficient referee that they had won the high scoring encounter having come back strongly in the final session when Teignmouth were kind enough to field most of their Vets rather than their young and very whippet like youngsters.

After the final whistle the Teignmouth coach and the Referee’s assessor informed everyone that in fact Kenilworth had lost 59-61! Whilst this claim is mostly likely to be valid and indeed likely to be also accurate, Kenilworth thought it only right that they accept the referee’s decision as they had done so all afternoon without question. Given that the referee is the sole arbiter of the game in action – Kenilworth are content to accept the referees decision as final – So a victory it was – maybe.......


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