Ks Grab Third Win of the Season

Midlands 5 West (South)

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2013 07:32am
Earlsdon, Coventry
By Ian Coulson
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The Ks visit to Cov Tech was a scrappy, well won victory and the club's third league win of the season.

This week the Ks travelled to Canley for their clash with Cov Tech. The Ks recently played most of Cov Tech in the pre-season, with a slightly different result.
It was clear from the start this was going to be a rough fixure, and with the Ks starting well, it was no surprise that the first score would come from a kickable penalty in the first 5 minutes after the third incident of foul play.Justin Jewkes made an easy kick to put the Ks ahead.
The Ks set-piece training was clearly paying off, with them being stronger in the scrums and well communicated in the line-outs (until Cov Tech twigged some of the calls).
The Ks play from the backs also looking good and rushing through Cov Tech's defences only to be cut short more than a few times on the first 15 minutes it took Cov Tech to find their feet.
The Ks were robbed a try early on when the ref could tell if they ball had one down for a try afterLuie Riva helped drive from 10m out. 
As mentioned, it was a scrappy game, with cheap shots during slow play, holding on, not releasing, coming in over the top. Tempers quickly frayed and isolated fights broke out.
Cov Tech made their first attack , which was quickly subdued just inside the K's 22, but allowed Neil Hanna to play through to Luke Wager, who had plenty of space to weave through the Cov Tech backs, chipped the ball ahead for Brendan McNally Jr to run on unhindered and score the Ks first try right between the posts for Justin Jewkes to knock another comfortable 2 points for the good. 0-10 after 19 minutes.
The pace slowed a little while Cov Tech gained a little more control in the mid-field but the Ks were still the dominant side until the last minute of the first half when they finally broke through the centre of defence and scored. A drop kick conversion was made on the stroke of half-time leaving the score 7-10.
After the restart, Cov Tech pushed a sustained attack and after a quickly taken free-kick, broke through the Ks back and scored their second try after only 3 minutes of the second half.
The Ks answered quickly with their own attack from the restart and after several phases, Tommy Marsh shot through and scored his first try of the season. Tommy gifted Justin Jewkes with another close kick, making the score after 46 minutes, 14-17.
With Cov Tech within only a try of retaking the lead and the Ks desperately trying to score themselves, tempers again frayed and yellow cards were issued to both sides for fighting, James Coyle and COv Tech's number 10 taking 10 minutes in the sin bin.
The Ks made the best of the time and kept Cov Tech well out of their half but foul play being the flavour of the game, no team made any dangerous moves with the ref unable to play the advantages, not being able to take his eye off the players. This unfortunately culminated with Neil Hanna and Cov Tech's 20 joining their team mates in the sin bin for a few minutes.
With 15 minutes to go, Ks put on more sustained pressure, managing runs down both sides of the pitch with Tom Ray and Tom Baggot on the right and Justin Jewkes and Brendan McNally Jr. Callum Eaton was brough on to replace Luke Wager after he was picked up, dropped and studded. 
The Ks kept it up and during another heated moment on the 5 metre line, Tommy Marsh was yellow carded after retaliating following a strangling incident, however the ref had little choice but to award a penalty. Justin Jewkes found the post, but luckily the ball made it through for the Ks to go 14-20.
Cov Tech, still within a converted try, made a last ditch run, but it was brought short with a crunching tackle from Ed Monk bringing play to a stand still. Tempers were lost again when the player wouldn't release and with players coming in from all sides, resulting in Cov Tech's number 10 receiving a mysterious second yellow card.
The Ks ended the game with a huge kick in to touch. This was a great victory for the Ks, who really let the rugby do the talking and leaving with the points, putting the Ks back into the middle of of the table.


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