Ks Leaving Cup Early This Season

Last Updated: Sep 30, 2013 08:56pm
Corley, North Warwickshire
By Ian Coulson
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Keresley's 1st XV will miss out on Cup glory this year.

Rugeley came to Keresley after a run of 6 straight wins this Saturday for the first Cup games of the season. Unfortunately the visitors carried on their winning streak.

A few changes were made to the team that won at Warwickians because of injury, but welcomed back Nathan Lycett for this season's first start and Brendan McNally Jr. after injury sustained against Trinity Guild.

From the kick off, Ks made a good start with a good long clearance kick giving them a line out in Rugeley's 22. The Ks held this forward momentum and forced a penalty for not releasing. Justin Jewkes kicked the first points after just 5 minutes.

Again the Ks pushed hard into Rugeley's half of the pitch and through some lucky tackles kept the score at only 3-0 to Ks. A forced knock on gave the Ks a scrum that released Tom Baggot to run almost free, but a last minute tackle dragged him into touch for a Rugeley line out.

Rugeley then started their run forward but when the Ks reclaimed the ball, play was stopped when Neil Hanna was the victim of a high tackle. A penalty was awarded, but was just wide of the posts.

Rugeley answered quickly and powered down the pitch, running through the Ks left defence and managed to put down a try but the conversion was far to short to count. 3-5.

The Ks were then again caught as Rugeley pushed forward hard. After scrambling the ball free, Tom Baggot cleared, but was then tackled late. Brendan McNally Jr. was warmed up and subbed on for treatment.

Both teams shared the play in the mid-field for the short term, with great attempts from both sides, but nothing looking like a scoring chance. Colin Taffy Marsh picked up a loose ball and steamed down the wing with 3 Rugeley players hanging off him, but was brought to ground when a forth took charge, not before off loading to Ed Monk.

A clumsy knock on gifted the Ks another scrum, but Rugeley had now found their strength and powered the Ks back 10 yards, but when clearing the ball, Paul Evans made a great stopping tackle to regain possession for the Ks.

Another high tackle gave he Ks another kickable penalty. Justin Jewkes put the Ks once more into the lead. After 34 minutes the score was 6-5.

Bolstered by the lead, the Ks rushed forward again, but Ed Monk was stopped dead, losing the ball forward giving Rugeley the put in. Again they powered through the Ks and made a long break towards the try line which as stopped by a great last minute tackle from Callum Eaton.

Rugeley managed to off load the ball and kick forward, the ball was claimed in the air and cleared by Justin Jewkes, who was then tackled off the ball sending Rugeley's No. 14 to the sin bin.

The Ks restarted with a great run down through the middle by Neil Hanna and then clearing down the wing for a line out on the visitor's 22. The ref blew for half time before it was played.

Rugeley started the second half strong and forced the Ks into defence, from reclaiming the ball set Brendan McNally Jr. on a 50 m run only to be cut short with a crunching tackle knocking him and the ball into touch.

A short clearance from Ks gave Rugeley possession when they picked up the ball, they broke almost half of the pitch. Clearing the pack, the Ks were left defenceless on the left until Brendan McNally Jn. ran the width of the pitch to stop the run dead.

A knock on from a line out gave Rugeley a scrum which they managed to drive a good 20 yards down the pitch, the ball was plucked up and with the Ks tied up in the scrum they were clear to run home their second try which went unconverted. 48 minutes played.

The Ks were then on the back foot with Rugeley pushing hard into the Ks defence but the Ks kept the score the same with some great defensive moves and excellent tackling and a great steal by Tommy Marsh which was cleared from danger by Justin Jewkes.

Another period of back and forth ensued with Rugeley trying to slow the game and take the Ks momentum away. Rugeley broke free again with the Ks only managing to play the ball out for a line out on their 5m line. The ref judged the line out was not straight and awarded a dangerous scrum on the line. Ks pushed really hard and managed to force Rugeley back to win the ball and clear.

Rugeley made another run from the gathered clearance and then charged forward again. The run was stopped dead and during the chaos the ref sin binned Neil Hanna for what was judged a deliberate foul.

Rugeley took the free kick quickly and over powered the defence for a third try, this time converted gave the Ks an 11 gap to claw back in only 10 minutes. But the Ks just couldn't break their renewed pressure and the game ended 6-17.

The Ks are back to playing in their league campaign next week, away to Wellesbourne. Kick off at 3pm.


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