Last Gasp Thriller Makes R's Wince

Winchcombe vs Rowington

Last Updated: Aug 10, 2015 04:45pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington travelled to the picturesque Winchcombe on Saturday and after stand in skipper Steve Jay handed  the toss to the Wincers they were asked to field in the blistering heat!
Openers Steve Jay and Eike Gilbert started well and on this ground had kept the Wincers down to 42 off the first ten overs when a superb diving catch saw Jones caught by Joe Turrell off Jay and the R's are on their way. 42 - 1.
Eddie Huggett comes in and a Wincer for many years, he knows the situation on this ground and grabs any quick single he can and Jay ( with Tommy Williams' help) decided to bring on Alex Dean to replace Gilbert, this soon pays dividends as Dean gets Wardlaw to edge to keeper Tom Jeffeson and  he's gone for 11,    58 - 2.

Huggett is joined by Foster and they move to 87 when the trap for Huggett is set and he plays it straight to Andy Shaw at mid-off off Dean and the danger-man has gone for 20,  87 - 3.
Mitchell struts in to join Foster and they preen their way past the ton and onto 134 when Foster calls for a quick single and Tommy Williams is too quick for Mitchell (19)  and he continues to the pavilion bat flying everywhere and steam coming from his well manicured hair! 134 - 4.
Foster now has Gardner to help him but then Foster skies one off Shaw and Eike Gilbert runs under it to take the catch and now its 139 -5.

Gardner pushes on and punishes any loose balls but another change of bowling sees Sam Lange get Major to edge to Jefferson for 13, 180 - 6.

Yeates helps Garrdner pass the 200 and then the returning Gilbert bowls Yeates (11) 210 - 7.
Gardener then gets his 50 as he and Meikle (11no) end the Wincers innings on 224 - 7.
Jay        10    3    28    1    Good tight bowling on a small ground
Gilbert     9    0    48    1    Back to opening and two good spells, good bowling at the death kept the score down.
Dean     10    0    57    2    Made the breakthrough, hard work bowling ten straight at his age!! or so he says!
Shaw     10    1    29    1    Another tight spell, if only he could catch off his own bowling! 
Lang        6    0    54    1    Had to bowl at the death but with the exception of one over he kept  a good tight line.
Bravo to the bowlers and some good fielding, particularly Marcus Miles and a score of 224 on Winchcombes small ground is easily gettable.
So, after another lovely Winchcombe tea the R's openers this week are Tommy Williams and Alex Smith and they proceed to 38 with comparative ease when  Smith plays the same shot as last week off Mitchell and is caught at deep gully for 15. 38 - 1.
Eike Gilbert doesn't last long as he goes for 1 off Ballinger and now its 42 - 2.
Joe Turrell is next in and he forms a great partnership with Williams to take the R's past the ton and easily on target, but a change of bowling sees Meikle brought on and he soon entices Turrell to try and hit one over the top and he is caught for 23, 139 - 3.
Marcus Miles joins Willaims who is really motoring now, and although Miles struggles at first he eventually adds some to the score but then Yeates bowls him for 5 and now Rowington are 167 - 7 and they only need 58 off 12 overs.
Ben Skillings joins Williams and helps Williams get his ton as they edge up to 198 when Tommy Williams edges behind off Ballinger for a fine 114 now its 211 - 6, 14 needed off 3 overs.
Tom Jefferson fails to trouble the scorer as he gets caught going for a boundary off Ballinger, still 211 - 7.
Alex Dean comes in and the second ball....the pads are hit and he's gone LBW for another R's duck, 214 - 8.
Sam Lange is joined by Andy Shaw, there are 14 balls left, Lange then gets a boundary and with 2 over to go the R's are on 218 and Shaw is facing, he sees off the first ball but the second ball bowls him by Jones and now the R's are down to the last man, Steve Jay, they need 7 runs off ten balls...........Jay is oozing confidence with an average of 67 this year and he sweeps the first ball for 4 and then the next ball is a wide, the R's are on 223.
A quick single from Jay sees the scores level and Sam Lange pads the final ball of the over down, the R's need 1 run to win off 6 balls, Winchcombe need 1 wicket to draw!
Jay pads the first ball away, the second is out of reach but no wide given, the third is played and missed, but the fourth is hit and Jay calls RUN, Lange is easily in but Jay pulls his groin muscle half way down and drags himself over the line to complete the run and the R's have won the game.....JUST!
Ballinger     3 - 34
Mitchell       1 -55
Jones         3 - 45
Yeates        1 - 36
Meikle        1 - 25
Rowington made hard work of this game, a fantastic century by Williams was only helped by three more scores in double figures, the batting needs to improve.
The R's have secured first division status yet again and can go into the last three games knowing there is little pressure on them so hopefully we may see some individual performances worth a mention in the next three weeks.
Norton Lindsey at home next week.


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