Leamington III One Run Win

Leamington III (169-8) Shipston (168-10)

Last Updated: Aug 23, 2016 06:19pm
Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick
By Stephen Baldwin
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Cotswold Hills Cricket League

Premier Division, Saturday, 6th. August, 2016

Leamington III (169- 8) beat Shipston on Stour (168 – 10) by 1 run

Leamington III travelled to Shipston for this CHL Premier Division fixture, with both sides knowing that a win would leave them safe from relegation.  Having been set a modest looking 170 to win, Shipston seemed to be easing to safety when they reached 163-6 with seven overs remaining to score just seven runs.  Lee Credgington then bowled a second consecutive maiden.  The next over was a double wicket maiden, with Jimmy Gethins (3-40) firstly trapping skipper Tom Cox (21) LBW and then bowling John Payton with his final ball.  163-8, but still five overs to go.

For the final five overs skipper Matt Dale turned to the experienced spin bowlers Shaun Williams and James Whitfield.  In the gathering gloom, the pair seemed to hypnotise the batsmen, as the encircling fielders crept ever closer.  The next overs produced just two runs for one more wicket. Now 167-9, with one over to go.  A single came from the third; the fourth was pushed out square and the batsmen set off for a sharp single – but to no avail.  Gethins swooped and his flat return found the keeper’s gloves next to the stumps.  Daniel Payton was out by a yard and a jubilant Leamington side had won a most valuable victory by the smallest possible margin.

The much changed Leamington side had struggled to set a defendable target.  No batsman made a major score but Wayne Killian (24), Lee Credgington (30) and James Slora (31) all made valuable contributions and a late flourish from Rob Woolaston (16*) and James Whitfield (12*) added the runs that were, later, to become so valuable.

Mindful that the threatening rain might bring the match to an early finish, Shipston’s early batsmen get their innings off the brisk start so as to keep the run-rate high.  However, none of them were able build a score and give support to Jack Murphy (48) that he needed to secure the win.

An enthralling match, played in an excellent spirit and a credit to both sides and the competition in which they play.


Leamington 20 points, Shipston 7 points.


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