Narrow 10 - 7 Win for Lutterworth Ladies

Old Leamingtonians Ladies v Lutterworth Ladies

Last Updated: Oct 6, 2016 05:53am
Blackdown, Warwick
By Siobhan Palmern
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Old Leamingtonians faced Lutterworth Ladies away in their third game in the Midlands NC 1 league on Sunday. Lutterworth had failed to score a point against Old Leams last season, but came onto the pitch fighting against a Leams side in which many players were out of position, and won the match 10-7.

Leams pushed into the Lutterworth’s 22 early on, but were denied a try. Pushed back into their own half quickly and put under pressure from the home side, Leams put up a strong defence, but were eventually forced to concede a try by the strength of the Lutterworth pack. 

Leams stayed strong under pressure, and succeeded in holding up another try, but struggled to mount a successful retaliative attack. Lutterworth kept up the pressure, and were able to put another try past the visiting side before the end of the first half. 

Leams came back fighting in the second half, retaining possession and getting the opposition on the back foot. After a concerted effort in Lutterworth’s 22, Captain Jen Vermeulen got the ball over the line, finally getting Leams on the scoreboard. The try was also converted by Vermeulen. 

Lutterworth retaliated with a strong attack in Leam’s half, but OLs strong defence once again prevented the side gaining any further points. They pushed the home side back up the pitch, but unfortunately it was too late and they conceded the match.  

With many players out of position for Leams, forward of the match went to scrum-half turned flanker Liz Kennedy, and back of the match went to centre turned full-back, Pauline Dumont.


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