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Mark Allen a KartForce Original!

Last Updated: Jun 3, 2014 08:28pm
Newbury, West Berkshire
By KartForce
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Mark is one of the “KartForce Originals” and right from the start, he has impressed and befriended everyone.

He was the youngest lad in KartForce for a couple of years but proved he has the maturity that puts many of his elders to shame.

On the outside you see a calm, friendly, polite young man, always with a warm smile on his face.

On the inside is one of the most competitive, determined, ambitious strategists you’ll ever meet.

He’s made us all very proud in the way he races and conducts himself. Only once have we seen him sulking – when he couldn’t race, the day after an operation on his nose because he couldn’t get his helmet on!

At 19, Mark was the youngest British soldier to become a double amputee. The IED also blew off his right thumb, some of his fingers and left him with shrapnel wounds on his arms, neck and face – he also lost his front teeth.

As soon as he came to terms with his injuries, he told himself that nothing was going to stop him living a full and active life – and that’s what this guy is doing, on full throttle.

He’s recently been discharged from the Army and exploring some interesting new career options, including making viral videos.

He’s about to do a world record stunt jump (full news very soon) and will be stepping up to racing in cars in our Team Kilo Foxtrot.

We’re very proud to have Mark as our Ambassador - a loyal team member & friend and a true example of, "You don't need all your limbs to race... just British Bulldog Balls."


We’re very proud to SHOUTout LOUD that the hand control's we designed with OMS are RADICAL!

The hand controls met the Jaguar... and they fit like a glove!

The Online Motorsport Solutions technicians have taken the steering wheel and paddles away to get it all married up connected.

The “box of tricks” will then be fitted in the car and connected to the brakes, throttle, gear shifter, etc.

Next Stage – road test and get the hand controls inspected by the MSA.

These hand controls are the most advanced hand controls in existence - there are no other hand controls like them.

We’ll be able to fit them to any race car that has a sequential gear box which means, for the first time, hand controls can be fitted to any race car and removed after.

The lads can therefore race in almost any car, as solo racing drivers or as a team.

The road test can’t happen soon enough!

All this has only been made possible by the amazing support and grant given to us by The Douglas Bader Foundation - a WWII double amputee hero making it happen for another generation of amputee heroes.


This is a special milestone for us – Britain’s Armed Forces community gets behind us.

Forces Reunited is the UK’s the largest online Forces community with over a million members.

Having the support of Forces Reunited means we have the backing of Britain’s veterans, which means we have a very large and supportive family behind us.

We’re having some very interesting discussions about how Forces Reunited can support us and ensure our lads get to carry on doing what they do best – “Alive To Drive”.

This is a very proud day for KartForce.

If you’re a veteran – or still Serving – you can become a member. Check out their web site…


We've only been able to do what we do because of the amazing support we get from the Great British public and our sponsors.

Despite being officially recognised by all the relevant MOD organisations they provide no support or funding.

The lads have to pay their own way, even when they compete with 44 teams from the Army, Navy and RAF in the Inter Services Karting Championships - all of whom enjoy the benefits of On Duty status.

We've got our second 24hr race of the season coming up in Eindhoven on Sat 6th & Sun 7th July - our only race abroad.

We have 3 teams of injured lads that gagging to enter this race and fly the flag - show everyone what British Bulldog Balls are all about.

We can't make this happen for these lads unless we get the funds.

Please help us - please make a donation.

We need you!


This family run British business heard about our need for engines so contacted us offering their support.

R-Tech have very generously sponsored 2 new Honda GX200 engines so we can get one kart competing in the new class up.

We'll very proudly display the R-Tech logo on the engine plates so everyone knows who sponsored these engines and helped make it possible for our lads to race at a higher level.

If you're interested in supporting us like R-Tech have done and want to sponsor a pair of engines, we need 6 more (3 pairs) - cost is £400/pair of engines.

Check out the wide range of welding machines and plasma cutters that R-Tech manufacture - a UK leader in this field...



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