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Last Updated: Nov 28, 2016 06:35am
Abbey, Redditch
By Malcolm Steward
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After today's games there are 2 more weeks left of games in 2016 where the league tables will be all tallied up and the structure all changed - more information to come shortly.  

In the Premier Division New Woodland Cottage beat Redditch Town 3-0 with 2 goals by Stu Byng and Lorcan Davenport keeping them at the top with 28 points. Golden Cross confirmed their 2nd place spot by beating VKL Utd 8-4 with a hat-trick by Rhys Whitehouse taking them to 27 points. Next weeks fixture between the two top teams could be one of great interest! 

SO Goose Greenlands beat Lodge Park 6-0 with two goals each from Jack Darby and Luke Rennie-Jeffries whilst CBH Fasteners scored 10 goals against AFC Lions as they beat them 10-1 with two hat-tricks scored, 1 from James Morrall and 1 from Callum Davies.  

Shakespeare Studley were beat 6-0 at home by South Redditch with a hat-trick by Gaffney and 2 goals by Brough.  

In the Hunt Crane Cup Round 1 Studley Swan beat Beoley Village 3-1 securing their place in the second round with 2 goals by Martin Hughes. SCC Redolence also secured their place in the second round by beating Redditch Cross 3-1 with goals from Matt Wood, Tim Lees and Matthew Parsons.  

In the Birmingham FA Roger Wood Cup, Austin Ex Apps beat VIP International (Coronation Football League) with 2 goals from Andy Nicol and 1 from Josh Westwood confirming their place in the quarter final. 


Results Sunday 27 November


Premier Division

New Woodland Cottage 3 (Stu Byng 2, Lorcan Davenport) v Redditch Town 0 

SO Goose Greenlands 6 (Jack Darby 2, Like Rennie-Jefferies 2, Liam Rennie-Jeffries, Ryan Gittings) v Lodge Park 0 

CBH Fasteners 10 (James Morrall 3, Callum Davies 3, Robbie Davies 2, Chris Parish, Sean Parish) v AFC Lions 1 (Joshua Watts) 

Golden Cross 8 (Rhys Whitehouse 3, Mark Styler, Mark Wilkes, Connor Poole, og) v VKL Utd 4 (Kieron Beach 2, Sam Osmond, Will Hadley) 

Shakespeare Studley 0 v South Redditch 6 (Gaffeney 3, Brough 2, L Styles)


Hunt Crane Cup - Round 1

Beoley Village 1 (Sean Meek) v Studley Swan 3 (Martin Hughes 2, Matthew Davis) 

Redditch Cross 1 (Jake Bilson) v SCS Redolence 3 (Matt Wood, Tim Lees, Matthew Parsons)


Birmingham FA Roger Wood Cup

Austin Ex Apprentices 3 v VIP International 2


Fixtures Sunday 4 December 🎄


Premier Division

Lodge Park v Shakespeare Studley

Austin Ex Apprentices v Studley Swan

Beoley Village v CBH Fasteners

Golden Cross v New Woodland Cottage

 VKL Utd v SCC Redolence


BRT Terry Cup - Quarter Final

South Redditch v Redditch Cross


Hunt Crane Cup - Quarter Final

SO Goose Greenlands v Redditch Town


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