Norton Lindsey v Rowington

A nice and damp day turns right into a damp squib!

Last Updated: May 26, 2016 05:45pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Clive Haywood
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Rowington drastically weakened due to so many absentees were promptly put into bat at Norton as Sam Turrell lost yet another vital toss. 
Alex Smith and the returning Matt Page started well and added 36 before a mistimed pull shot off Fisher saw Page go for 11, Joe Kelly came in and helped Smith add 9 when Kelly was bowled for 1 by Blyworf, 45 - 2.
The rain comes down a bit and Rowington come off but are soon back on and Tommy Williams upped the pace as he and Smith added 20 when Smith lobbed one up to point and he was caught off McInnes for 31, 65 - 3.
Steve Turrell came in and got 4 before playing the same Smith shot and he's gone again off McInnes, 72 - 4.
Williams is joined by skipper Sam Turrell and then he plays the same shot as the other two and he's now gone for 19, 77 - 5. 
Ollie Evans comes in and Sam Turrell is punishing the many bad balls, ( unlike the previous chaps) and then Evans gets caught off Blyworf for a single and its now 83 - 6.
Dave Blower joins Turrell but is really unlucky as Turrell hits one straight back off McInnes and he touches it onto the stumps at the non-strikers end and Blower is out without 
facing a ball, 83 - 7.
Stuart Gould adds a single before getting bowled by Pozzi, 94 - 8. Turrell is trying to get as many runs as possible before running out of partners when he goes caught off Pozzi for 18 and Rowington are 100 - 9.
Steve Jay joins Andy Shaw but can only add a single as Jay drags on from a rank leg side ball from Perfect ( who clearly wasn't!) and Rowington are 101 all out, Shaw 2 no.
Fisher       1 -   7
McInnes    2 - 25
Blyworf      3 - 22
Perfect       1 -  5
Pozzi          2 -  7
The luck of the toss played a part here but some poor bowling should have seen a better score but for some even worse shot selection!
After a sumptuous tea of hot chilli and various sandwiches and cakes the Rowington players came onto the field in a light drizzle, 
Pozzi and Nijar came to the crease and as usual Nijar decides on a 20/20 game, dragging every ball from the off  side to leg for a boundary when ever on strike then  Jay has an LBW shout turned down, despite middle stump being covered by the back leg of Nijar, the rain clearly getting in the umpires eyes! 
Sam Turrell goes for a couple of boundaries and Nijar gets to 50 when Turrell bowls him and its 56 - 1, Pozzi has got 6! 
The rain is now so bad that the ball is like soap, and yet even though Norton were taken off to stay dry in lighter rain Rowington were getting like drowned rats, sportingly they played on as Shaw, Williams and Kelly all had a go at getting a wicket but to no avail as Norton reached 102 and grabbed the points.
Jay        4    0    27    0
Turrell    4    0    41    1
Shaw     3    0    10    0
Williams 1    0    16    0
Kelly       1    0     4    0
On checking the score book Rowington actually got 104, so technically won the game!!!
With such a weakened team the best Rowington could have expected was a few points unfortunately they only got 1, but very sportingly played through weather that no other team would have put up with, good luck to Norton they may look back at he end of the season and thank Rowington.


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