Old Covs 8 - 17 Old Leamingtonians

OL's record fourth victory of the season

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2013 08:20am
Blackdown, Warwick
By Hannah Leyland
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OL’s recorded a fourth victory of the season against a resolute Old Covents side playing above their lowly league position.

The hosts took the game to OL’s from the kick off setting the pace of the game and forcing OL’s into a number of uncharacteristic handling errors. The OL’s defence was secure however and began to take control of the early part of the game putting the host defence under pressure.

Fifteen minutes into the first half the surging OL’s forwards made strong in-roads into the Old Covents 22 metre area and following number of forward drives, back row Tom Heslop scored the first try of the game that was well converted by Angus Rose.

OL’s then enjoyed a dominant spell keeping Old Covents inside their own half and playing expansive rugby whenever quick ball from good forward possession allowed, which may well have resulted in tries for the speedy OL’s wingers had it not been for some handling errors. As it was only one try came from this dominant period and that was scored wide out by winger Ryan Dee. The try went unconverted but allowed OL’s to reach the break with a 10 point lead.

The second half was a transformation with Old Covents taking the dominant position and forcing OL’s back to defence. The first 20 minutes of the half was all out attack by the home side and it was only sound defence by OL’s that prevented the home side from scoring on a number of occasions. Only once was the OL’s defence breached and that followed a push over try that went unconverted. A harsh penalty decision in front of the posts resulted in a further 3 points to the Old Covents total and the game appeared to be slipping away from OL’s, but the commitment remained and as the game began to even out OL’s began to exert greater pressure on the home defence but repeatedly failed to take full advantage of good build up play by either giving away possession at critical stages or being penalized by the referee’s whistle.

The last 10 minutes of the game was dominated b y OL’s but only resulted in one further try scored by captain Jason Healey following good forward possession. The bonus point try was scored as the game ended but the referee decided that for some reason it wasn’t a try, a baffling decision but not his first of the game by both sides’ accounts.

Next Saturday is a free week as it is a cup round that doesn’t feature OL’s. The seconds and thirds are both at home and if there is a re-scheduled first XV fixture it will be advised.


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