Old leamingtonians 14 - 20 Malvern

Midlands Two West South

Last Updated: Sep 17, 2014 03:12pm
Blackdown, Warwick
By Gemma Lewis
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The first 10 minutes saw Malvern take the game to OL’s and place a great deal of pressure on the home forwards and backs  and OL’s were forced into desperate defence to hold them out and it was nosurprise when ten minutes into the game Malvern crossed the line wide out after a good linked forward – backs move.  The try went unconverted.  
From this point OL’s came back into the game and began to pour attack after attack into the Malvern defence with the home forwards creating good pressure on the visitors pack.
A number of infringements by Malvern led to penalties that were well executed by OL’s and advanced them well into the Malvern 22 metre area, but the despite a number ofgood attacks by the forwards and three-quarters the Malvern defence held firm until a sweeping move saw OL’s winger Ryan Dee given the ball and he ran in and behind the posts to score a well taken try that was converted by Mark Foley.
The game continued on an equal footing with both sides have chances to add to the score line but the best chance fell to OL’s when full back Bradley James collected a long clearance by Malvern to go on a jinking run that saw him break clear through the visitors defence to the Malvern 22 metre line when with support from both sides he was tackled by the full back to prevent what looked to be the best chance of the game so far.  Half time was reached with OL’s having the slender lead 7seven points to five.
The first ten minutes of the second half was nearly all Malvern with attack after attack against the OL’s defence and when the home side conceded a penalty in front of the posts Malvern re-established the lead, and the pressure on OL’s continued which culminated with a push over try wide out. This was converted to give Malvern and 8 point advantage going in the last quarter of the game.
OL’s came back into the game and for the next 15 minutes dominated play with the forwards beginning to exert more power onto the Malvern pack. Malvern were beginning to give away penalties in desperate defence allowing OL’s to gain ground and from one penalty that took the home side into the Malvern 22 metre area a good line out saw OL’s catch and drive the Malvern pack back over the line for Craig Ellis to claim the touch down.  The try was converted from wide out to reduce the Malvern lead to one point.  Ol’s continued to dominate and a penalty inside the 22 metre area was awarded to OL’s but the kick was placed narrowly wide.
In the final minutes of the game with OL’s continuing to press the ball was cleared well up field and Malvern were awarded a try following a scrappy maul when the ball somehow popped out to allow the Malvern winger to cross the line to push the visitors into a 6 point lead leaving no time for OL’s to respond.
This was a close game that could have gone either way but on the day OL’s had to settle for one point.Next week sees OL’s visit Newbold – kick off 3.00pm
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