OLRFC Ladies Remain in Top Spot

Old Leamingtonians Ladies v Rugby Lionesses

Last Updated: Nov 15, 2016 07:40pm
Blackdown, Warwick
By Siobhan Palmer
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Old Leamingtonians Ladies retain their place at the top of the Women’s NC Midlands 1 league after a victory of 43 - 5 against Rugby Lionesses on Sunday. 

Within four minutes from kick-off, number 8 Kyra Gleeson was putting the ball over the Lionesses tryline. OLs gave the visiting side very little space to get into their game, winning a number of turnover balls and keeping the opposition on the defense. 

OLs capitalised on gaps in the Lionesses defense, centre Philippa Rawbone breaking the line twice in a matter of minutes to score two more tries for the home side. 

OLs put three more tries past the visiting side in the first half, fly half Jamielee McCreadie twice running it in from OLs half, and hooker and Carrie Steadman scoring in the final minutes. Three conversions by captain Jen Vermeulen brought OLs’ half time score to 36-0. 

The Lionesses came back onto the pitch for the second half with a point to prove, and made the game much harder for the home team. OLs; full back Alex Dixon scored the first try of the half, but after that Lionesses succeeded in retaining more possession, and keeping the game in OLs half. Their repeated attack on the OLs defensive line were rewarded with a try. 

Despite pushing the play back well into Lionesses half, and winning a number of strong scrums, OLs failed to get a final try on the board, Lionesses defending their try line successfully until the final whistle. 

Forward of the match was Carrie Steadman, and back of the match was winger Laura Shelton-Smith.


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