Onwards and Upwards

Rowington vs Ashton Under Hill

Last Updated: May 17, 2016 09:07pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington v Ashton under Hand........sorry Hill
A nice cloudy day saw Rowington skipper Sam Turrell lose the toss and Rowington were promptly put into bat. 
Alex Smith and Scott Rogers took to the crease and after 7 overs they had added 7 to the score when Smith picked out Banks, the only man on the on-side and he had gone for 2 off the bowling of JD.
Rogers soon followed bowled by Archer without scoring and Tommy Williams joined Joe Kelly, Archer then bowled Williams with the score on 11, again the batsman not troubling the scorer.
Joe Turrell lasted an over before JD bowled him again another duck and Rowington are reeling on 12-4. 
In comes Ben Skillings and with Kelly helps Rowington to rebuild, moving to 84 when Skillings is bowled by JD for 23.
Sam Turrrell joins Kelly and with some big hits they get to 114 when  Turrell is out LBW off Cooper for a fine 36. 
The youngster Ollie Evans makes his way to the crease for his debut as a first team batsman and belies his youth and with Kelly calling the shots he helps to move the score to past the 150 and Kelly makes his half century as Rowington recover from a terrible start to end 169 for 6 with Kelly 52no and Evans 33no 
The score was better than expected but Rowington knew that a score near 200 would be unattainable to the Ashton side and some good bowling would be required.
The Ashton bowlers
JD 3 - 19
Archer 2 - 20
Waakefield  1 -19
With no neutral umpires the game relies on the integrity of players to marshal the game and with Ashtons weak batting line up it seemed that they decided a thirteenth player was required as Jay was wided 3 times in the first over for balls missing leg stump by an inch, not leaving Rowington happy at all. 
Ashton openers Cooper and Cooper Jnr moved to 39 with Cooper Snr surviving numerous LBW calls as he walked across his stumps time and again, then Jay finally made a breakthrough eventually persuading the Ashton Player/Umpire to give Cooper Snr out LBW for 10. 
Young Cooper was going strong and joined by Archer, who adds a couple of boundaries but Andy Shaw soon entices him to lob one up to the diving Tommy Williams and its now 84 - 2. 
Jay has 2 overs left and in his first one sees Cooper drive straight to Tommy Williams who is normally the safest pair of hands in the team but he drops it and Cooper survives, this could prove costly.
Wood has joined Cooper and Rogers has replaced Jay and they get to 121 when Rogers finally gets some luck and Cooper drags on just short of his half century on 46, the veteran Haines comes in and moves the score to 149 when Rogers' change of pace sees him hole out to John Glover in the deep and Ashton are 149 - 5. 
With JD and Wood at the crease this could be close, then they call for a quick single and a direct hit sees Wood well short of his mark and Rowington celebrate only for the umpire to declare Wood in, even the Ashton faces went red on this one, an appalling decision. 
Sam Turrell comes back and is fired up, he snaps up JD (15) off his own bowling and its now 149 - 6. 
Wood is then eventually run out on 46 but Ashton only need a dozen to win and Smith clubs a few together with Banks and they steer Ashton home with a boundary and 2 overs to spare. Ashton end 173 -6.
Jay                10    2    35    1
Turrell S          5    1    30    1
Shaw             10    4    20    1
Rogers          10    1    30    2
Turrell J           7    0    42    0
A close game, that would have been Rowington's but for some very poor umpiring by Ashton players, who should never have sent out a player who clearly had not played cricket before and had no idea of the rules.
Still Rowington can take heart in the fightback by their middle order and cannot complain after such a dismal start, onwards and upwards as they say!
Norton next week!


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