Over 100hrs of Racing in 3 Months


Last Updated: Jun 1, 2015 09:52pm
Newbury, West Berkshire
By KartForce
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“Racing gives us a chance to live life to the max. KartForce is the perfect idea and hope you will support it too.” 
Damon Hill OBE

In the next 3 months we’ll be entering 2 or 3 teams in 102hrs of racing.

3 x 24hr races (2 abroad) 
2 x 6hr race 
2 x Celeb races 
2 x All-day Sprint racing 
2 x TV interviews 
1 x British Grand Prix

This is why KartForce has so many super-competitive drivers, because we provide what no other organisation can.

“Veterans are highly motivated by physical activity that involve high levels of adrenaline, and by competition and achievement. Therapy does not provide a substitute for these needs.” 
Dr Nigel Hunt - Associate Professor - University of Nottingham

Sun 31st May - Clay Pigeon nr Dorchester

Sat 13th Jun – Elite Karting League at Ellough Park 
Sun 14th Jun – European Prokart Endurance Champs at Ellough Park

Sat 20th Jun – “Back on Track” Celeb Race at Sandown Park

Tue 30th Jun – Henry Surtees Mercedes Brooklands - London

Thu 2nd Jul – British Grand Prix – Silverstone

Fri 3rd Jul – Live Sky Sports F1 Show

Sat 12th & Sun 13th – Le Mans 24hr Karting

Sat 25th Jul – Elite Karting League – Rowrah, Cumbria 
Sun 26th Jul – European Prokart Endurance Champs – Rowrah, Cumbria

Sat 15th & Sun 16th Aug – British 24hr - Teesside Karting, Middlesbrough

Fri 4th to Sun 6th Sep – Berlin 24hr

“The great thing, and the reason why I’m positive about the benefits of things like KartForce, is that the benefit comes from the feeling you get from competing and that’s a reward for the effort and the work.” 
Lord Paul Drayson


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