P1 in First Race


Last Updated: Apr 26, 2015 08:46pm
Newbury, West Berkshire
By wr11 8nb
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As the lads have never driven a race car, we came to give the car and team a shake down and get it race ready for the next race.

The NEWBRIDGE MOTORSPORT crew did an amazing job in getting the car ready and in the short practice they got the set up spot on.

Our Team Driver Coach, DAVID PITTARD, put the car through its passes and was happy with a qualifying lap of 1min 32sec, starting us in 2nd in class.

As this stage, the plan was still to do a shake down, keep tweaking the set up and give 2 of the 4 lads some race experience. As the hand controls weren’t ready in time, this meant amputees Mark and Simon had to sit this one out.

The shake down soon turned into a race – as everything does for the lads.

The lads got to grips with the car right away and were putting in faster laps, one after the other. Danny’s fastest lap was an amazing 0.3sec off David Pittard’s fastest lap.

IMG 0922

After a fantastic 3hr race the boys came in 1st in class - 6th overall. They were 6 laps ahead of the team in 2nd place, even though they were handicapped as we don’t have the rapid fuel dump systems which meant our fuel stops took an agonising 6 mins each time. Plus, as we only have a small fuel tank (for sprint racing not endurance racing) we were the only team to do 4 stops.

Today was a success beyond our wildest dreams. We came to do some testing, give the lads their first run out EVER in a race car and they’ve once again blown everyone away with their pure grit and determination.

We have an amazing team – fantastic Newbridge Motorsport crew, great driver coach in David Pittard and the fastest injured British soldiers on the planet!

Success breeds success, so with some funding and sponsorship, the lads can go out and do the same again and again.


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