Poor Conditions for Colts Encounter

Kenilworth 17 - 27 Southam

Last Updated: Nov 13, 2014 05:14pm
Kenilworth, Warwick
By Willie Whitesmith
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Kenilworth Colts v Southam Colts  8st November 2014


With Kenilworth short of key players and subs for this game it was always going to be a tough match. In the poor conditions it turned into a battle of the forwards. Both sides kept the ball close, Kenilworth more so than Southam.  The score at half time was 14-7 to Southam and in the second half Southam stretched the lead to 27-17. We crossed the line 3 times in the final minutes but the ref did not award the points. 



Will Franks

Callum Martin

Andy Goode


Zac Templeton 1


The game started well for the Kens with Southam conceding a scum after a clever kick to the corner for a line out that saw Southam knock on. 2 phases later, Will Franks was over to score the first points after 5 mins with Zac converting for 7. 

One of the controversial points of the game then happened at the restart. Southam kicked straight out to touch in the corner and the Southam linesman called it ball to Southam because the Kenilworth Full Back touched the ball in touch. Southam scored from this which was a travesty. 7/5 No conversion

Kenilworth then conceded a penalty in front of the post, which was kicked making it 7/8

For the next  15 mins honours were even with neither side able to make the break through. However, at 25 mins Southam threw one out wide for their winger to score a good try. With conversion 15/7 Half Time

The second controversial moment in the match now occurred when Kenilworth lined up for the re-start and the ref sent off the Scrum Half Harvey as not fit to play. We had taken Harvey off 10 mins before ½ time after a hard tackle that had knocked the stuffing out of him, but he was recovered and happy to continue.

For the next 15 mins Southam gradually got on top and the Kens were conceding penalty after penalty. After not retreating 10 for the 3rd time the ref gave out a warning and shortly the inevitable happened with the Kens on the back foot and another try was conceded making it 20/7 No conversion.

Southam adopted much the same tactics again and scored another in front of the post making it 27/7. This galvanised Kenilworth and for the next 20 mins Ken were on top. Great kicking with the strong wind by Zac drove Southam back into their own half. A mistake by their Full back  resulted in the clearance kick hitting his own player and bouncing back over the line. Andy Goode was the first to respond and touched down 27/14. Zac converted 7 mins to play. 

Kens took up all the running now and Southam were under the cosh with the strong wind against them. Again Zac kicked for the corner and the ball trickled over for the perfect finale. We stole the ball at the line out passed out through the backs and Callum Martin with much work to do beat his man to go over in the comer. Templeton kicked a difficult conversion. 27/17. 3 Mins left.

Kenilworth took a clean ball from the kick off and set about charging down the pitch. The ball was lost, but Southam knocked on, resulting in a scrum to Kenilworth on the Southam 22. Kenilworth took the ball forwards and over the line, TRY. However, the ref was unsighted so called held up. Scrum 5 to Kens. From the scrum Kenilworth went over again to clearly score, but again the ref was unsighted, this happened once more and the ref called time. A disappointing end and one of those days when everything seems to be against us.



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