Redman Kick Seals the Win

Atherstone 1st XV 13 – 10 Coventrians 1st XV

Last Updated: Sep 29, 2014 10:30pm
Atherstone, North Warwickshire
By Julie Douglas
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Steel nerves were the order of the day as Andy Redman stepped up to take the final kick of the game.  Having been awarded a penalty with minutes to go and with the score even, cool headed Redman pointed to the posts.  You could have heard a pin drop as he took the measure of the kick and struck the ball with absolute precision to earn the three points to give his side the victory and four league points.

Within the first ten minutes of the game both sides were awarded penalties which they elected to kick to the posts.  The home side had one attempt which had the distance but carried wide of the posts.  The visitors had two attempts both of which failed to make it over.  Both sides worked hard to gain territory however infringements saw both lose the advantaged gained as quickly as it had been secured.  It took 25 minutes for the deadlock to be broken. Coventrians were awarded a penalty which was kicked to touch giving the visitors a lineout on the 5 metre line.  The thrown-in was taken cleanly and the pack started the drive towards the whitewash however James Redman was able to rip the ball from his opponent and make a break.  The referee saw something amiss with the move and awarded the visitors another penalty.  Replicating the earlier catch and drive the visitors kept the ball in their forwards and moved towards the line going over for an unconverted try.

As half time approach the men in black were awarded a penalty.  Redman’s kick made good ground giving the home side a lineout deep into Coventrians’ territory.  Tom Aherne and Rob Webster made sure of possession in the resultant lineout with Webster floating a pass to Ben Wiggan.  Wiggan made good ground with Redman ensuring the ball was recycled to Aherne.  Aherne linked with Webster to move the ball towards the line.  Redman found Mike Thomas as he passed the ball from the back of the ruck.  Thomas sped towards the line dodging the visiotr’s defenders to go over in the corner for the try.  Redman added the extras to give his side a narrow lead going into the break.

The second half saw both sides vying for supremacy with excellent attacking and defensive rugby. It was eventually the home side that added points to the board with a superbly struck penalty from Redman.  In response Coventrians drew level, taking the ball against the head in the scrum and scything through the defence to go over for an unconverted try drawing the score at 10-10 with about fifteen minutes remaining.  In a tense climax to the game, the men in black gathered all of their resources to launch a final bid to secure their first league win.  With Coventrians camped in their own area they were forced to defend vigorously, falling fowl of the referee and giving away a penalty just on the 22m line.  With the clock ticking the only option was to go for the posts which is when Redman took the weight of expectation on his shoulders and delivered the kick that secured the victory.

The firsts have no match next week however the second team taken on Barker Butts Tanners at home 3pm kick off.


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