Rowington beat FISSC by 17 runs

Cotswold Hills Cricket League - Division One

Last Updated: Jun 13, 2016 05:52pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington v FISSC
A somewhat cloudy day saw FISSC win the toss and obviously decide to bowl and so Rowington openers Joe Kelly and Alex Smith took to the crease. 
Some accurate bowling from Smith and McKee kept the score down and then Smith got an edge to Ainscough at slip off Smith and he was gone for 7, 10 - 1.
In came Adam Williams and he briskly added some quick runs when Kelly was adjudged LBW, despite the bat being used, and he was given out for 4 and Rowington are 25 - 2.
Joe Turrell doesn't add to the score and gets a duck, 32 - 3.
Tommy Williams and Adam Williams then push on and are looking good when the ball pitches outside leg and hits Tommy's pads - a solitary call of howzat sees the umpires finger raise quicker than a [censored] skirt and he's gone for 10 and now Rowington are 57 - 4.
The R's are nervous of the umpire and it starts to show as the runs dry up, Ben Skillings watches Adam Williams hit some boundaries and they get to 79 when Skillings is bowled by Kane for 6.
Sam Turrell joins Williams and they start to find the boundary but Williams tries to hit one too many off Ainscough and he top edges and is caught for a fine 46. 89 -  6.
Sam Lange only manages a four and is out  caught by the keeper again off Kane and Rowington are 95 - 7.
Matt Williams joins Turrell and they go past the 100 and up to 113 when Turrell is caught by Kane off Piggott for 24 and now its 113 - 8.
Williams is playing well and with Andy Shaw takes the score past the 125 for another point and then Shaw is caught by the keeper off McKee for 4 and with 9 down its 131.
In comes last man Steve Jay and with a few blows manages to help Williams to up the score to 145 when Jay gets bowled in the 42nd over for 8 by Piggott and Rowington end their innings on 145 all out.
Smith           10    1    21    2
McKee         10    3    42    2
Kane            10    2    27    2
Ainscough      6    0    27    2
Piggott           5    0    22    2
Rowington opening bowler Steve Jay comes roaring in to bowl at French and sees him edge it to Matt Williams diving at first slip to take a great catch and its Au Revoir for a first ball duck to French.
Kane (2) joins Moore but is not able to handle Turrells pace and he too get an edge this time its Williams diving to his left to take another one handed catch at slip and FISSC are 7 - 2.
Ashley comes in and with Moore gets to 14 when Jay sees him edge to keeper Tommy Williams for 6 and now they are 14 - 3. 
Stokes and Moore are hitting a few boundaries and move quite briskly to 47 but then Adam Williams ( who replaced Jay) bowls a beauty to hit him right in front of middle stump and after deliberating for a while and all 11 Rowington players hands in the air the umpire raises his finger and Moore has gone for 23 - FISSC are 47 - 4.
Stokes is the danger-man but Shaw and Williams are targeting his partners, Hyatt soon clips one to the keeper Tommy Williams off Shaw and he's gone for a duck, 54 -5. 
Piggott trotts in and calls for a leisurely 2 not realising Adam Williams can throw and as he ambles back Tommy Williams takes the ball and stumps him, Piggott (1) is red faced as he trudges back and FISSC are 56 -6.
McKee joins Stokes and then Adam Williams bowls a beauty again to see Stokes middle stump go and the danger-man has gone for 23 and FISSC are in trouble on 59 -7. 
Ainscough and Mckee start to go for it, sensing rain in the air and a win by run-rate, they move swiftly to 76 when another bowling change sees Sam Lange bowl Mckee for 11, 76 - 8. 
Ainscough then goes full charge and takes FISSC past 100 with a series of boundaries with partner Smith just on on looker, 
Rowington are making life hard for themselves as they drop Ainscough not once but twice and the second chance was a real sitter dropped by Adam Williams, although no doubt Skillings was feeling a tad better!
With the score on 120 Smith is bowled by Sam Turrell for 11 and Rowington need 1 wicket with FISSC needing 26 runs off 27 overs. 
Young Moore jnr joins Ainscough and with Ainscough taking as much strike as possible they get to 128 when Sam Turrell gets Ainscough to hit one in the air again but this time its Matt Williams under it at long on and he makes no mistake and Rowington have, at last secured victory.
Jay         6    2    21    2
Turrell    8    0    25    2
A Williams    7    1    27    2
Shaw        7    2    30    1
Lange        3    0    18    1
Some good bowling by Rowington and although two dropped catches prolonged the game, but for some superb early catches things could have been different, and although the umpire apologised to the Rowington batsmen after the game it does mar a good game of cricket when decisions are so poor.


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