Rowington can't Plug the Leeks!!

Last Updated: May 30, 2016 08:33pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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A nice sunny day saw Rowington elect to bowl against high flying Leek Wootton who seemed to have found a new half of their team compared to when the teams last met.
Couchman who got a century last week and Dart came to the oche and Steve Jay and Sam Turrell opened the bowling, it wasn't long before the steady line of Jay frustrated Couchman (13) and he sliced one up to Adam Williams at cover who took the catch and its 23 - 1. 
Murthy came in and tried to cream everything but again it was Jay who frustrated him and and although Dart was flying along nicely Murthy (21) couldn't resist having a go off Jay and got the same result as Couchman as Sam Lange held on at point now its 46 - 2. 
In comes another newcomer Wagle who dances his way around the crease then Adam Williams replaces Jay and the pair move to 86 when Dart flicks one off his pads to a diving Scott Rogers close in on the leg side and a great catch is taken as Dart trudged off  (no bull) for 24, its 86 - 3. 
Wagle is joined by Faundon and they go past the ton when Faundon, who has been a spectator to Wagles hitting is caught off Williams for 4 and now its 108 - 4.
Singh comes in and somehow keeps moving the score by getting boundary after boundary, that sounds a good thing but they were all coming off the edge as he played and missed, played and missed and then gets a boundary, a very frustrating time for Williams who eventually bowls Singh but he's got 71 runs! now its 188 - 5. 
The old Leek Wootton players now start to come in with Simpson joining Wagle,  
Wagle is still going well but Simpson doesn't do much and Williams bowls him for 3 and the Leeks are 212 - 6.
Budd comes in but shows no bottle as he goes first ball as Williams bowls him off his last ball of a great spell and its 212 - 7.
Shaw is toiling away and Wagle has already been dropped 3 times when Shaw entices him to go big and he misses and Ollie Evans stumps him for 70 and now the
Leeks are 215 - 8.
Cox and Charlton are at the crease and Cox gets run out by a direct hit from Sam Turrell for a duck and now its 216 - 9.
Charlton and Clifford add a couple to the score before Charlton is LBW for 1 off Sam Turrell and the Leeks are all out for 218 off 43 overs, a score a good 40 below par for this track and 150 short of the score the Leeks got last week!
Some poor catching or dropping should we say saw the target at least 30 runs higher than it should have been.
Jay           10    3    25    2
Turrell         8    1    39    1
Lange         5    0    31    0    
Williams    10    2    60    5
Shaw           9    3    59    1
After tea in go the Rowington openers Alex Smith and Scott Rogers who meet a combination of medium pace and spin bowling and they shoot to 40 when the Rowington curse comes back as Rogers is down the track and it hits him on the pads by Cox........usual result, he's gone for 26, just when he was motoring, funny that! 
Joe Kelly joins Smith and a log hop off Couchman is hit straight to point by Smith and now he's gone for 17 and the R's are 45 - 2.
Ben Skillings comes in, lets a wide go past and then is bowled with no change to the score, Couchman again, 45 -3. 
Man of the moment Adam Williams joins Kelly and they push on, Williams playing some great shots in the process when Kelly is caught off Couchman for 6 and now its 67 - 4.
Wagle comes onto bowl yet more spin but Sam Turrell and Williams turn the screw going past the ton and onto 141 when Turrell plays across one from Wagle and is bowled for 25. 141-5 
Williams passes the hundred mark and some quick running with Ollie Evans sees them up to 201 with 4 overs left when Evans gets run out for 4. 201 - 6. 
Sam Lange comes in but plays out a maiden and Williams tries to rectify this the next over but gets stumped again its Wagle for a great knock of 119, 201 - 7. 
Adam Covell joins Lange and Lange smashes a couple of boundaries to get to 211 when Covell is bowled by Wagle for 1, 211 - 8. 
There are 5 balls and one over left for Rowington to get 8 runs, in comes Steve Jay who immediatley cuts one on to his stumps and he's gone first ball, a tad unlucky and so Andy Shaw joins Lange and Rowington move into the last over needing 8 - Lange on strike.
Lange hits the first ball towards the cover fielder and calls two, but Shaw is not quick enough and the ball has gone to one of the new Leeks and he throws straight over the stumps and its all over - Rowington falling 7 short.
Cox    1 - 35
Couchman    3 - 38
Clifford  1 - 32
Wagle 4 - 37
A game that Rowington really threw away, great bowling not matched by catching saw a target higher than it should have been, a great innings by Williams not rewarded or supported and 218 should easily have been reached with 2 extra overs.
More players are coming back soon and hopefully an umpire so things will, if we are lucky, change starting at Kineton next week!


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