Rowington Efforts in Vain

Rowington vs Norton Lindsey

Last Updated: Aug 18, 2015 06:24pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Norton Lindsey made the short trip to Rowington on Saturday and Rowington skipper Sam Turrell elected to bowl first on a slightly damp track that could only get better.
As in the previous fixture Norton openers Baker and Nijjar straight away decide to go at everything and the third ball from Matt Williams ( replacing the injured Jay who cannot bowl) sees Baker fail to use his loaf and he is caught at gully by Eike Gilbert,   Pyatt comes in and continues the same mentality and hits 21 from the next 15 balls when he then tries for another boundary off Sam Turrrell and is caught by Joe Kelly so its now 3 overs gone, 2 wickets down and the score is on 36!
Nijjar is joined by Blythe and he shows some spirit as they both push on and on, going past the ton in 15 overs and both passing 50, Andy Shaw and Eike Gilbert replace Williams and Turrell and they fair little better as the two batsmen show little respect until Blythe tries to launch Shaw and he misses and is bowled for a fine 87, now its 212 - 3.
Nijjar is still going strong despite being dropped three times and he passes his 100 and moves towards his next one!
Alex Dean comes on to replace Gilbert and entices Nijjar to play all around a straight one and he is bowled for 134, if only Rowington could catch! the score is now 264 - 4
In comes Hope and he has very little as he goes first ball to Dean, 264 - 5.
Fell joins Smith and they are no where near as prolific as the first four and at 278 Fell is bowled by Dean for 9. now its 6 down.
Paul Ashley  adds a single when Dean again bowls him - 280 -7.
Smith is joined by Lacey and with no further thrills they get to 285 at the end of their innings.
Williams    10    0    65    1        Ten straight through - persevered well.
Turrell        10    1    52    1        Good tight second spell kept the score under the 300!
Shaw         10    1    77    1       Little respect from the batsmen who were well set when he came on.
Gilbert         8    0    44    0        Another good tight spell.
Dean           7    0    34    4        Second change seems to suit him, good pace and variation.
Rowington managed to peg the Norton's back in the final 20 overs but the dropped catches cost them dearly as but for the first four the score could have been so different.
And so after a nice tea the Rowington openers Alex Smith and Ben Skillings proceeded to the crease.
With 286 needed the R's are going to have to up their normal sedate pace and go at 6 an over and Skillings knows this, but alas his efforts are in vain as he edges to the keeper Andrews off Lacey in the first over and Rowington are 2 - 1.
Eike Gilbert ups the pace and gets Rowington to 41 when he is bowled by Lacey for 23.     41 - 2.
Joe Turrell helps Smith add another 8 when he gets bowled by Ashley for 1 and now its 49 - 3 in 18 overs!
Joe Kelly joins Smith and adds 9 but he also gets bowled this time by Baker now its 66 - 4.
Alex Dean takes the bull by the horns and hits some nice boundaries as the R's move on to 94 when Dean (18) edges to the keeper off Blythe,     94 - 5 off 31 overs.
With 14 overs to get 192 its looking rather bleak for Rowington and Smith and Marcus Miles decide points are the better option and take Rowington past the 100 to 111, the dreaded Nelson......and Miles (5) gets bowled by Blythe, and Rowington are all at sea!     111- 6.
Sam Turrell shows some resistance and helps Smith to 123 when Smith is caught off  Blythe for 51, now its 123 - 7 off 39 overs, the R's target is 150 and 3 points!
In comes Matt Williams and he and Turrell take the score to 159 when Turrell is stumped  off Hope trying to get to the next score of 175,     159 - 8.
Steve Jay hobbles to the crease and adds a single and Williams is now facing and he then gets caught off Hope for 13, unlucky, and now its 160 - 9 and Norton want the extra point with one over to go and Jay is facing with Shaw at the other end, and he's already decided he's not going anywhere! so Jay has 6 balls to survive, and despite a rush of blood seeing him dropped he survives and Rowington finish on 160 -9.
Lacey     2 - 23
Ashley    1 - 31
Blythe     3 - 38
Baker     1 - 40
Hope       2 - 7
The Norton bowlers.
Although it seems a thrashing, the bowlers bowled well and were unlucky, the dropping of Nijjar three times didn't help and take off most of his score and its a close game, the first four play as a twenty/20 and maybe its time Rowington started to play in the same vein??
Top of the table and already promoted Catney next week.


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