Rowington Make a Losing Bid

Rowington vs Bidford on Avon

Last Updated: May 21, 2014 06:16am
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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On a gloriously hot May afternoon Rowington skipper Scott Rogers won the toss and elected to bowl first on a track that could only get drier and quicker.

Despite opener Steve Jay's best attempts Mills and Edkins thwarted him with missed edges and gaps through the gate that just wouldn't hit the stumps and both Jay and Eike Gilbert relented to the weather and with the score on 41 off 15 overs left it to the younger Turrell brothers to take the baton.

It didn't take long for Joe Turrell to get Edkins to top edge one to Matt Page for 23, Mills was continually boon or bust and it was to be his down fall as Sam Turrell bowled him for a streaky 17 and its 52 - 2.

Layton comes in and flashes at anything on the off stump but puts on 32 with the New Zealander Wills before Layton gets bowled by Joe Turrell for 20, Downey joins Wills and they punish any bad ball with a boundary and they swiftly move the Bids up to 151 when Wills battles for a single and Rogers is too quick for him and he goes for 55.

Gretton comes in and quickly adds 29 to the score with Downey but he lofts one to Tommy Williams off Sam Turrell and he trudges back for 24. 180-5.

Sherry takes to the crease but isn't very potent and gets a duck with Joe Turrell catching off Andy Shaw, Wiggett helped Downey move the score to 196 when Shaw gets him, stumped by Tom Jefferson for 10. Dipples not  the top cat but helps move the finishing total to 204 - 7 off their 45 overs. Downey finishing on 36 no.

Jay          7 2 30 0 6 overs cost 17 but got hammered off his returning over!

Gilbert      8 1 40 0 similar to Jay really, once they got in they got in.

Turrell S 10 0 45 2 First game and not a bad show.

Turrell J   7 0 31 2 Gets more confident each game and bowls better and better.

Rogers     4 0 25 0 Suffered in the heat.

Shaw       9 2 24 2 Tight as ever, his bowling I mean!


After a lazy tea Rowington openers Matt Page and Alex Smith put on a quick 51 before Smith (12) played an over pitched ball straight to point off Layton, Page is still going strongly, Rogers comes in and gets a nice full toss but fails to make a run and then next ball a lovely slow long hop that he delightfully pulls to mid-wicket where he is caught, again off Layton for a duck, Rogers wanders off for a nap and to try and forget his day!

Tommy Williams helps Page push the score to 65 when he gets another short ball which he lobs up in the air and he's off for 5 off N Edkins. Its 65 - 3 but Rowington are still on target.

Tommy Jefferson joins Page and they take the score past the ton and up to 116 when yet another full toss sees Jefferson (16) pat it back to the bowler T Edkins.

Eike Gilbert joins Page who then tries a little too hard and top edges one off Wills and he's off for a fine 75 and the R's are 122 - 5. 

Gilbert decides he needs to up the pace, even though the R's are on target and he tries a suicide run but Joe Turrell stands his ground and Gilbert's run out for 5 its now 122 - 6.

Sam Turrell comes in to join his younger brother and soon takes charge but with the score on 132 Joe T (2) gets bowled by Bretton and in comes the veteran Clive Haywood and with some good disciplined batting they take it to 185 off 43 overs (but it could have been more if Rowington punished the bad balls), with the score 185 and 19 needed off 12 balls Haywood goes for it but is  LBW to T Edkins for 16.

Andy Shaw comes in and a single is added by Turrell when Shaw goes for a duck - 186 - 9 so there are 9 balls to go and 18 required. 

Steve Jay strides to the crease, he's been here before, can he do the impossible again? No........He manages to put on 5 with Turrell and the innings closes 191-9 and the R's have lost another close one.

Layton 2 - 24

Gretton 2 - 32

N Edkins 1 - 42

Wills 2 - 56

T Edkins 2 - 31

The Bids bowlers.

Another close game lost at the death, Rowington need to sharpen their batting and punish these bad balls, five batsmen out to terrible balls, or perhaps the bowlers should start bowling more bad balls and perhaps Rowington will get the wickets!




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