Rowington make hard work of FISSC

Last Updated: Jul 1, 2015 10:18pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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At last we had a nice dry, sunny Saturday and Rowington traveled to Tiddington to play FISSC.


With the captain Scott Rogers meandering through traffic Steve Jay took the toss and although losing it was happy to bowl first, Ashley and Stokes made their way to the crease and Jay opened the bowling along with Matt Williams and they soon had the batsmen frustrated as Stokes struggled and Ashley was just swinging at anything. 

Despite numerous close calls Ashley and Stokes moved to 57 before Jays persistence paid off and Alex Smith took the catch to dismiss Ashley for 29, Malcolm came in and Andy Shaw had replaced Williams and he straight away got Malcolm to hole out to Joe Turrell on the boundary for a duck and its 61 - 2.


Jay then gets Glover to fend off a sharp bouncer straight to Matt Williams and he's gone for a duck too.....61 - 3. Piggott rides in and doesn't horse around but Jay gets him to edge one straight to Rogers at slip who manages to make a complete mess of it and drops him, Jays chance of a blue cap goes down along with the ball!

Piggott takes his second life and manages to get to 19 when he charges Shaw and Tom Jefferson stumps him its 87 - 4 and Stokes is still there!


Burns joins Stokes and Alex Dean replaces Jay who has done his ten, Dean soon has Stokes jumping around and when Burns faces he gets clean bowled with just a single to his name. 88 - 5....and Stokes is still there.

Rogers smells blood and brings himself on as Kemp comes in, he gets a single but to cut a long story short, when back on strike Rogers gets him to drive one straight to Matt Williams and he's not gone for gold but  for a single, 93 - 6.Its true!

Horswell joins Stokes and after a single is up against the rabbit hunter Rogers and its the same result, caught Williams for a single, 99 - 7.

Joe Turrell takes over from Shaw and promptly bowls the new batsman Davies for a duck, 105 - 8....Stokes is still there!

With the score on 114 Stokes want to deny the R's the 2 bonus points for getting them all out for 120 or under and he tries to launch one but gets his legs in the way and is adjudged LBW  to Turrell for a very long and patient 48.

Bruns comes in as last man and Turrell bowls him first ball so its all out for 114, and the R's get the 2 bonus points!


Jay             10    3    53    2    Unlucky not to be wearing a blue cap!

Williams    5    0    18    0    Didn't get the chance for a rabbit hunt!

Shaw        10    1    22    2    One short of a cap too!

Dean        5    2    10    1    Gets his first Rowington Wicket.

Rogers        4    2    6    2    Elmer Fudd eat your heart out!

Turrell J    4    0    14    3    Cleaned up the tail.


After an early finish the tea was rather leisurely if not sparse and the Rowington openers Alex Smith and Graham Sly took to the crease with Glover and Stokes the bowlers.


Glover bowls a maiden and then Stokes bowls 4 dot balls before Sly drives him over mid off for 4 off both his last two balls., Glover bowls another maiden and Stokes moves mid off back and guess what Sly does.......yes, hits it straight to the man and he's out for 8. 

The next over sees Smith get an LBW decision and he's gone for a couple its 10 - 2 off 5 overs.

Tom Jefferson (0) lasts three balls as Stokes bowls him, 11 - 3 off 6 overs -  the way the R's are batting will see this game all over in fifteen overs!

Joe Kelly and Ben Skillings steady the ship and move the score towards the target but on 46 Kelly (13) gets a rush of blood and charges Piggott and he's stumped, the R's are now 46 - 4 and with 52 overs to get to the target the batsmen seem to be going mad in the heat!


Skillings then starts to motor on and he drives one over the bowlers head but the fielder runs 20 yards and dives one handed to take a superb catch and Skillings has gone for 35 and the R's are now 70 - 5.

Joe Turrell is then joined by Skipper Scott Rogers and Turrell hits a rank long hop straight towards the fielder at Mid wicket and he closes his eyes and puts his hands out and amazingly it sticks straight in them and somehow Turrell has gone for 5 again off Piggott, 74 - 6. This is getting close!


Matt Williams joins Rogers and Rogers decides to deal in boundaries only and hits 8 scoring shots all to the boundary for 32 and Williams gets 10 as the R's eventually come good and after 29 overs its exactly that......all over.


Stokes 2 - 28

Glover 1 - 7

Piggott    3 - 25


This should have been a lot easier and the batsmen made it hard for themselves, some poor shot selections nearly made all the bowlers hard work look in vain hopefully things will change next week when Rowington play the same team in the turnaround fixture.


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