Rowington Pinch it from the Wincers!

Last Updated: Jun 1, 2015 08:15pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve jay
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Winchcombe made the long journey over to Rowington on Saturday and after winning the toss promptly inserted the home side into the field, Rowington were fielding three life members in a team that had been left in disarray due to the second cities second team playing in a certain one sided cup final!
Steve Jay and the returning Sam Turrell opened the bowling and kept it really tight, and the frustration from Jones and Warlaw soon became apparent as firstly Warlaw (5) pushed one to Eike Gilbert at point off Turrell and then Jones (12) did exactly the same and the Wincers are 24 - 2.
Mitchell and Foster are now at the crease but Jay is giving nothing away and Turrell is emulating him and after 20 overs the score has only moved to 59. Jay going for just 15 off his 10 overs.
A change of bowling sees Mitchell start to find his feet and he begins to fill his boots, Foster is playing a support act and they get to 75 when Foster puts one high into the air for Joe Kelly to get under off Rogers and he's gone for 25. 75 - 3
Holder joins Mitchell and he gets the nod to push on, and so here it is......they get to 120 when that man Kelly is under another skier form Holder off Shaw and he's gone for 22.
120 - 4.
Major marches in and helps Mitchell get to 134 when Mitchell is enticed by Shaw to hit a big one, granted it was a big hit but Kelly is under it again and its the ender Mitchell for 57. 134 - 5
Miele and Major start the push towards a decent target with 10 overs to spare and get to 161 when Gilbert takes his third catch off the returning Sam Turrell and Major is off for 26,
161 - 6.
Hillayard joins Miele and only gets couple Turrell soon bowling him, 175 - 7.
Miele and Ashton push on and get to 184 when Turrell again bowls Miele for a valuable 19. 184 - 8
Ashton and Ballinger go for the 200 but only get 196 when they run out of overs, Ashton 15 no and Ballinger 5 no.
Some good bowling and superb catching by the R's saw Winchcombe get below the 200 on a very good batting track.
Jay            10    4    15    0    Unlucky to go for so many!
S Turrell    10    0    30    5    two good spells saw him take a five for!
J Turrell       4    0    28    0    A little expensive.
Rogers        7    1    32    1    Steady for his age!
Shaw         10    0    67    2    Griffin like!
Gilbert         4    0    14    0    Kept it tight a the end.
An extravagant tea saw a somewhat lethargic  start to the Rowington innings and after 12 overs they are only on 38 as Ashton and Ballinger bowled some good tight lines, then Ashton bowls a beauty and Joe Turrell is gone clean bowled for 23, Smith is joined by Joe Kelly and they manage to dispatch any bad ball to the boundary as they ease past the 100 mark off 28 overs.
With 116 on the board Kelly gets caught off Jones for 22 but Smith pushes on past his fifty and along with Eike Gilbert they punish bad balls and 3 overs by Major changed the outlook of the game (35 runs going from them) at 160 Smith tires and is caught, also off Jones for  nicely crafted 77, so 160 - 3 off 40 overs, the R's need 37 runs.
Sam Turrell comes in to join Gilbert but is mainly a spectator as Gilbert crashes the ball to all parts of the pitch promptly getting the R's to 192 off the 43rd over with Turrell to face the first ball of the 44th.
Foster comes on to bowl as the Wincers run out of options and Turrell hits the first ball for 6 and the game is won, 198 - 3.
Gilbert 44 no and Turrell 6 no.
A good run chase by the R's, good batting made up for last weeks fiasco and it was nice to see some old faces help the team out as Brian Bywater dusted down his whites and John Glover just dusted down, the two life members joining Steve Jay in the team. 
Old foes Norton Lindsey next week!


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