Rowington Put Out the Ashes

Last Updated: May 11, 2015 01:19pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington travelled to the picturesque village of Ashton under Hill on Saturday and won the toss and elected to bowl first on a damp track.
Opening bowler Steve Jay soon got into his stride with his swinging deliveries soon frustrating J Cooper who drove the fourth ball straight to the safe hands of Sam Turrell at mid off and Ashton are 1 down with 5 on the board.
Haines joines Cooper senior and he constantly plays and misses frustrating Jay and himself as the manual goes out the window and he starts batting by numbers and getting the odd boundary for his trouble, Cooper holds the other end up, scoring slowly, Haines then gets an edge off Jay but stand in keeper Tommy Williams only succeeds in parrying the ball as it made its way to Rogers at first slip, Jay trudges back and completes his spell. 
Matt Williams replaces Turrell and with the score on 67 off 20 overs Williams gets Haines (38) to play on, now its 2 down.  Archer shoots to the crease and along with the edge of Coopers bat they move past the ton and onto 121 when Eike Gilbert gets Cooper (46) to try and hit it out of the ground but its straight to Joe Turrell who takes the catch 121 - 3.
Archer is still there and Agnes joins him and although Archer is the driving force they add 45 when Andy Shaw bowls Agnes for 10 and its now 166 - 4.
Sam Turrell comes back on along with Matty Williams to bowl the last ten overs and Turrell is on the receiving end of some fine hits by Archer but Turrell gets the last laugh when Archer (76) hits one to Joe Turrell who takes is second catch, 183 - 5. 
Hill and Bayliss take over the baton but only add 9 when Williams gets Hill (3)  to slog one to that man Joe Turrell and yet again he pouches it. 
Turrell than bowls Bayliss (2) and Banks and Wakefield add 3 to get the Ashes to 196 - 7.
A good performance, if a little lethargic, by Rowington keeping it under 200 on a small ground.
Jay         10    3    32    1
Turrell      9    1     54    2
Williams 10    2    38    2
Rogers     2    0    12    0
Shaw       10    1    28    1
Gilbert       4    0    24    1
After a rather long tea interval Rowington openers Alex Smith and Joe Turrell started cautiously against Agnes and Archer and with the score on 18 after 12 overs Turrell gets caught of Archer for 14.
Skipper Rogers comes in and helps Smith take it past the 50 when he gets caught and bowled by that man Archer for 19 and its 51 - 2 off 20 overs.
Smith is joined by Joe Kelly but 2 runs later Smith is caught for 17 trying to hit Cope out of the ground and then Kelly hits a short ball straight to the man at point and he's gone too!
its now 53 - 4.
Eike Gilbert is joined by Sam Turrell, there are 21 overs left to get 144 runs, but Archer has finished his spell!
Gilbert and Turrell begin their onslaught of the Ashes bowlers and soon pass the hundred, the Ashes heads are going down as they spend more time looking for the ball than on the field, 
Turrell passes his fifty first and then Gilbert joins him and really starts to open up, guiding the R's to 196 with 6 overs to spare, they only need one run to win.
Wakefield comes in and gets one to shoot up and Turrell can only parry it up in the air and Wakefielld takes the catch, Turrrell goes for a fine 57.
With Gilbert now on strike and 5 overs to get a single the Ashes captain puts everyone on the boundary to stop the R's getting the bonus points for passing 200 but it was all to no avail as Gilbert just launched the first ball of the over about fifty yards over the head of mid on and the game was won and the bonus point gained!!
Gilbert ended on 73 not out, Tommy Williams 0 not out.
Rowington 202 - 5.
Archer 2 - 15 clearly has many strings to his bow!
Cope 2 - 41
Wakefield 1 - 29
A superb batting display by Gilbert and Turrell rescued the R's from a game that they should have and eventually did easily win, 
Its Elmley Castle at home next week.


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