Rowington Put the Ashes Out

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2015 06:52pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington welcomed Ashton under Hill to the Theatre of Dreams on Saturday and skipper Scott Rogers won the toss and elected to have a bowl.
Steve Jay and Sam Turrell opened as usual and were unlucky to see Tom Archers edges fly to the boundary on numerous occasions but Turrell eventually got Rich Cooper (17)  bowled around his legs and Rowington are on their way , 43 - 1.
Perks joins Archer and the edging resumes as they progress to 78 when Alex Dean replaces Turrell and immediately gets Archer (36) to top edge (yes again) one for Tom Jefferson to grab behind the stumps and its now 78 - 2.
Jay completes 9 overs for a thrifty 35 and Matt Williams replaces him and together with Dean they keep a tight line and Perks and Will Archer struggle to get many runs, eventually on 93 their frustration shows and Perks (15) is caught behind again by Jefferson off Dean. 93 - 3.
Harris is now with Archer but the tight lines continue and Williams bowls Archer for 26 and its now 97 - 4.
Haines and Harris continue in the T Archer vein and edge a few more boundaries taking the score to 129 when Matt Williams bowls Harris (11), 129-5.
In Williams' next over he also gets Haines (16) bowled as well and now its 136 - 6.
Hill and Alvis are at the crease and Alvis is dragging everything to the leg side boundary but Hill attempts to get a straight 6 and is caught off Scott Rogers for 8 by Sam Turrell and now its 138 - 7.
Alvis and Cyhpus start to slog with only 7 overs left and get to 192 when eventually Alvis is caught by Dean on the leg side boundary for 34 and Rogers has 2, 192 - 8.
Cyhpus and Cooke push the score up to 207 off the last few overs and Ashton end on 207 - 8.
Possibly 25 short of a decent target, could have been a long way short but for the edge of those bats!
Jay                 9    1    35    0
S Turrell        7    1    40    1
Dean            10    2    32    2
Williams      10    3    33    3
Rogers           5    0    27    2
J Turrell         4    0    31    0
A good bowling display kept the Ashes down to a below par score so its now up to the batsmen.,
It doesn't take the Ashes long to get their first wicket as Joe Turrell is caught behind off Will Archer for 3, 12 - 1.
Eike Gilbert (21) back after a rather long sabbatical helps Rogers move the score briskly to 64 before he holes out in the deep off Archer again, 64 - 2.
Tommy Williams joins Rogers and they add 9 when Rogers gets frustrated and is caught off Cope for 33. 73 - 3.
The R's are up with the run rate but keep losing wickets, Joe Kelly joins Williams and they add 26, ( Kelly adding 2 of these) before Kelly is bowled by Cope for 2, now its  99 - 4 and the regular wickets are making this game seem very close. 
Tom Jefferson allows the strike to go to Tommy Williams whilst getting himself in and Williams passes yet another 50 as they both start to up the pace and take the score to 191 with 4 overs to go when Jefferson gets himself run out and off he goes to the welcoming arms of his bride to be :-) 191- 5.
Williams then goes for a big one but misses it and Perks bowls him for a fine 76,   but Ben Skillings has helped Williams get it to 200 - 6,  8 required off 3 overs with 4 wickets in hand.
Sam Turrell joins Skillings and they move the R's towards the target when first Turrell (10),  gets caught by W Archer off Perks trying to end it and then Skillings does exactly the same thing to the same result and he's also gone for 10 and the scores are level at 207 with Rowington needing a run to win and Ashton 2 wickets to secure a tie!
Matt Williams and Alex Dean are at the crease, Steve Jay is cussing in the changing room, again putting his pads on and Perks is steamrolling in.....unfortunately for him and Ashton he bowls a massive wide and Rowington have won!
W Archer    2 - 32
Cope            2 - 23
Perks            3 - 17
The Ashes bowlers.
A hard fought game, played in good spirit by both teams but the win gives Rowington a big gap over Ashton and those below them as they secure 5th position in the league.
Elmley Castle next week.


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