Rowington stroll to victory

Last Updated: Sep 3, 2013 06:12pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington made the nice short trip to Woodbourne on the final Saturday of the season and with the pitch looking nice decided to bat and try and get the 5 points they needed to become champions in the first half.

Alex Smith and Matt Page moved to 20 helped by some wayward bowling, particularly from Rooney before he took some revenge by bowling Page (11), Dale Glover helped himself from the pie shelf and scored a brisk 30 before getting bowled by Crawshaw, Smith and Scott Rogers moved the R's to 95 before Smith (33)took  the fate as Glover getting bowled by Crawshaw whose erratic line was catching the batsmen out as he occasionally bowled a straight one!

Tom Jefferson joined Rogers and the score moved to 117 when Rogers 27) was also bowled by Crawshaw.

Eike Gilbert joined Jefferson and they pushed on towards the 150 when Gilbert was caught off the returning Rooney, 

146 - 5.

Sam Turrell helped Jefferson to 155 and 3 points when Jefferson was caught off Fanning for 20.

Turrell and Clive Haywood then took the fight to the Woodies and got past the 175 for 4 points and then moved to 184 when Haywood (18) was caught off Saundrey.

Turrell added 5 more when he was bowled by Saundrey and in came Steve Jay to join Andy Shaw with the score on 189........Jay lasted one ball as Saundrey bowled him and so it was left to Leon Clarke and Andy Shaw to guide the R's to 200 as Clarke was then bowled by Fanning for 8.

Rooney 2 - 52

Grimshaw  3 - 45

Fanning 2 - 27

Saundrey 3 - 30


Rowington had hit the magic 200 and were now champions but wanted to go out in style.

Unfortunately the tea was rather majestic and a lot of the Rowington players over indulged!

Jay came on to open and as in the previous meeting Rooney decided to chance his arm, one flies past gully to give him a boundary and another flies over mid on to give him another and its only the first over!

Sam Turrell bowls at Lewis and keeps him there so Rooney is facing Jay again and this time Rooney connects with four of the six balls and he has 16 runs from the over, Rogers decides to bring on the faster Dale Glover to unsettle Rooney as Lewis has just dug in, but its Turrell who Rooney targets next but he misjudges one and Eke Gilbert is under it....Rooneys cameo is over with 33 out of the 39 scored!

Lewis and Coombes move the score up to 86 when Shaw gets Lewis to hit one to Gilbert again..same result, Jay is back at the other end and bowls 4 maidens out of 5 and then gets Coombes to edge  to Glover at slip for 32 and its now 90 - 3.

Shaw then gets Montgomery caught by Rogers for 10 and he bowls Birdsall for a single.

Leon Clarke replaces Jay and he soon gets Fanning to swish at one but miss and its LBW for another single and its now 102 - 6.

Eike Gilbert replaces Shaw and he soon bowls Saundrey for 10, Clarke repeats this in the next over Crawmshaw getting 3 and Caldicotts resistance is stopped as he top edges one to Tom Jefferson for 19, its 134 - 9.

Sam Turrell comes back to replace Clarke and he gets Brownlow to lob one up to gully and its that man Gilbert who takes the winning catch as the Woodies are all out for 152.


Jay          10        4          36        1

Turrell       7        0          26        2

Glover       4         0         17        0

Shaw       10         2         27       3

Clarke       5          3        12       2

Gilbert       5          1       21        2


Rowington get 22 points and are champions by a big 21 point margin.....alas the woodies have not gained enough points and they are relegated, a shame really as they are a decent bunch with great teas!

A super first half of the season saw Rowington gain a big advantage and although there were some hic-cups in the second half they kept their nerve and strolled to victory, every player contributed this year and a mixture of youth and experience obviously helped, the average on saturday.....37!

Thats it for another year - hope you all enjoyed the reports!


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