Rowington Welcome Back a Different FISSC

The R's tail wags as the FISSC nearly gets off the hook

Last Updated: Jul 6, 2015 09:02pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington welcomed back a very different FISSC team to the one they played last week and yet again lost the toss and were asked to bowl.
Openers Stokes ( the brother of last weeks Stokes) and Hatch certainly started well as both Steve Jay and Matt Williams tried their best to get the wickets but it wasn't until Sam Turrell replaced Jay that the breakthrough came as Stokes got bowled for 48 and Rowington are on their way, 96 - 1.
Hatch batons down and Kane joins him and proves he's more than able as he adds a quick 15 before he holes out to Andy Shaw with Alex Dean taking the catch on the boundary and now its 126 - 2.
Moore doesn't live up to his name as he gets 0 LBW to Shaw - 126 - 3.
Glover then gets bowled by Alex Dean for a similar score..0 and now we have a game 127 - 4.
Hatch is still there but a hefty blow to the nether regions has curtailed his run making and Malcolm takes over helping to add 34 to the total before he goes caught by the keeper Tommy Williams off Skipper Scott Rogers for 12 and now its 161 - 5.
Piggot (9) runs in and jumps all over the place to Joe Turrell and eventually he fences one to Matt Williams who takes the catch. 175 - 6.
Turrell then clean bowls Hatch who played a fine innings for 85 and McKee only added 6 before Turrell gets him LBW and now its 191 - 8.
Morkswill (17)  and Wyatt decide on the offensive option and some big hitting by Wyatt (22) sees them push the score past the 200 and with 20 coming off Turrells last over the Fishermen end up on 231 - 8.
Jay            6    1    25    0
Williams    7    4    37    0
Shaw        10    1    28    2
S Turrell    6    0    40    1
Dean        6    0    29    1
Rogers    5    0    30    1
J Turrell    5    2    31    3
A good batting track and a flattering score due to some poor attempts at catching and cumbersome fielding  has made this game very interesting with the R's needing around 5 per over.
So after a glorious tea made by the galloping gourmets Jay and Shaw the Rowington openers Alex Smith and Joe Turrell made their way to the crease.
After 3 overs they are up with the run rate but Turrell (9) then gets bowled by Glover and Rowington are 15 - 1.
Scott Rogers joins Smith and they continue at around 4 an over until Rogers gets bowled by Kane for 38 and now its 83 - 2.
Tommy Williams joins Smith but Smith then gets caught by Glover off Pigott for 32 and now its 84 - 3.
Joe Kelly comes in and the two youngsters up the pace getting to 141 when Kelly  (27) gets caught behind off Hatch.
Sam Turrell sees Williams pass his 50 when he then also gets caught behind for 52 off Glover and now its 189 - 5.
Turrell then gets bowled by Morkswill for 24 now its getting close 190 - 6.
Alex Dean and Matt Williams are at the crease with Rowington needing 42 runs off 7 overs.
Dean plays some nice shots and supported by Williams get the score to 208 when McKee bowls Dean for 19 now its 24 needed off 4 and Steve Jay sees himself pushed up the order and with Williams they get 16 off 2 overs so 8 needed off the remaining 2 overs and Jay is facing the opener Mckee,....Jay pads down a couple of good straight balls but then grabs a boundary and the R's need 4, the FISSC players all come in to stop any singles and McKee runs in and bowls a short ball which Jay gloriously pulls to the boundary and the R's have won a very close match! 232 - 7
Jay  9 not out and Williams 11 not out.
Mckee    1 - 48
Glover    2 - 53
Piggot    1- 44
Kane        1 - 36
Hatch        1 - 21
Morkswill    1 - 22
A good run chase by Rowington entertaining the local crowd and considering the FISCC team had the opener from last week at 11 it showed how good a result this was, if they play like that again they will soon be off the bottom and will trouble other teams.
Kineton next week.


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