Rowington's Road to Nowhere

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2015 09:02pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Rowington made  the short journey to Norton Lindsey on Saturday and the well manicured grounds looked lovely in the bright sunshine, the square was only lacking a white line and cats eyes as the concrete hard pitch saw the Linders elect to bat......obviously!


Baker and Nijjer came to the crease and Steve Jay opened the bowling his first ball being smashed to the boundary by Baker, things didn't really change for the other opener, Matt Williams and with Alex Smith dropping Baker in the 5th over things were looking gloomy for the R's as Baker and Nijjer moved to 94 off the first 10 overs.

Skipper Scott Rogers decided a change was required and Andy Shaw came on and promptly enticed Nijjer (36) to drive to long off and John Glover took the catch, two balls later Baker (57) tries to hit over Shaw's head but only succeeds in slicing it to Shaw and the Linders have lost the two openers in Shaw's first over its now 94-2.

Fell joined Blythe and soon did exactly that as he fell to Matt Williams edging to Joe Turrell behind the stumps for 7.   109 - 3. 

Blythe was showing some spirit and Pyatt helped him move the score to 162 when Pyatt (20) lobs one off Rogers to Graham Sly in the covers and its now 4 down.

Smith and Blythe get to 182 but Eike Gilbert manages to bowl Blythe for a quick 53 and there could be mutiny in the camp as the wickets are falling at regular intervals. 183 - 5.

Hope bobs in  and is left with little as he goes first ball as Joe Kelly bowls him around his legs, 188 - 6.

Smith and McInnes push on before Smith is caught by Smith off Gilbert for 20 and now its 205 - 7.

McInnes then steps on the gas as the road plays true and with Lacey they plunder boundary after boundary and although the returning Jay gets Lacey for 31 the score is 275, another 20 getS added to the total as McInnes passes his 50 and ends 56 not out with Dewer on 8 not out and the Linders are 295 - 8 off their 45 overs.


Jay         10    0    87    1            vowed never to play on a road again!

Williams    10    0    74    1        Highway to hell!

Shaw        10    0    36    2         Only one who managed to turn the corner!

Rogers    4    0    14    1             I think he was going round the bend!

Gilbert    8    0    55    2             managed to get in the right lane eventually!

Kelly        3    0    24    1           get a wicket in a roundabout way!


The weary bowlers!


After a somewhat lazy tea the R's openers Alex Smith and Graham Sly came to the crease, Lacey and McInnes were the bowlers and Lacey soon had Sly (4) back in the hutch in the fifth over as Rowington assumed the test match role as opposed to the Linders 20/20 bash. 7 - 1.

Joe Turrell came in and briskly helped Smith get to 63 before he was adjudged LBW by the Norton umpire for 29 and so its 63 - 2.

Smith is still there and with Eike Gilbert they punish as many balls as they can reaching 161 when Gilbert is bowled by Blythe ( who was not captain) for 47.    3 down.

Rogers (2)  came in but only nudged the score to 170 when he went, Kelly got a single and but was caught behind off  Dewer and its now 176 - 5

Smith is still battling away and realises he is running out of partners with a ton in sight..............with this in mind he decides to attack and gets bowled by Dewer for ......94! 187 - 6 can the R's get to the 200 and a bonus point?

Stuart Gould and Matt Williams are at the crease and although Gould starts to hit s few Williams has less luck as he is stumped off  Blythe for a duck, Glover adds a couple before he is caught again off Blythe and now its 194 - 8 with one over to go and Gould facing.

Pace bowler baker is brought back on to finish the Rowington tail and promptly gets Gould (6)  to edge to the keeper off his first ball back, 194 - 9. and 5 balls left.

In comes Steve Jay to join Andy Shaw who is yet to face a ball, Jay manages to dispatch his first ball to the boundary and then grabs another couple to guide Rowington to 200, He then plays a glorious cover drive to the boundary and the last ball is hooked with the same result and Jay ends 14 not out, Shaw 0 not out and Rowington 208 -9.

Lacey     2 - 23

Baker    1 - 41

Blythe    4 - 33

Dewer    2 - 28


The Linders wicket takers.


Well what can you say, the best batting track for years and 208 would normally give you a win but if you are going to lose - gain big points and 9 off a loss is not bad, but for injuries and absentees the result may have been different, 

League leaders and undefeated Catney next week!!


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