Royce's Remain Unbeaten

Ollerton 5 - 49 Rolls-Royce

Last Updated: Nov 12, 2013 07:21am
Sinfin, City of Derby
By Robin Kennea
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Royces make it 5 wins from 5 inMidlands 5 East (North) with a great away win at Ollerton despite a shaky start.

Royce’s rolled into this game off the back of a couple of big wins in the league, and whether it was over confidence or illness the mood was flat throughout the warm up. This was evident in the first half as Royce’s started the match slowly whilst Ollerton were up for a physical affair. Ollerton managed to disrupt service to the back line and whenever the ball was shifted away from the breakdown mistakes were all too common which kept the match scoreless for the first 15 minutes.

Royce’s got more frustrated as they kept getting pinged by the referee. Michael “can’t last a full 80 minutes” Upton felt the wrath of the referee as he earned his hat trick of league yellow cards early into the first half. Ollerton benefitted from the weakened back row by kicking a penalty into the corner and subsequently working a good rolling maul over the line to score. Having been stung, Royce’s replied immediately as the receiving player from the kick-off was cut down and had to hold on to stop the turnover. From in front of the posts Henry Appleton slotted the kick.

The lead was almost increased immediately as the backs managed to play themselves behind the Ollerton defensive line before the ball was offloaded to Appleton. Running around the retreating opposition you would have put your mortgage on him touching down under the posts but for the ball to be dislodged over the try line by a last ditch tackle. The butchering of opportunities would be the pattern of the first half.

However, Royce’s were to go in at half time in front as a quick tap and go from Paul McLaughlin didn’t give Ollerton time to form their defensive line leaving a huge gap for Alex Robinson to run through, and the covering tackle could not stop him from scoring in the corner. With the conversion missed the score was 8-5 going into the break.

Team talk over, Royce’s knew they had to do better in the second half if they wanted to come away from this match with the points. Royce’s went straight into the opposition’s half and were creating opportunities only for the finishing touch not to be there. Eventually Ollerton conceded a penalty near the posts and the ball was given to Henry to increase the lead to 11-5. Before lining up for the kick-off Stewart Clarke managed to injury Andrew Dunne with a wayward water bottle. The front row feeling the full force of the plastic bottle stammered about and claimed he was seeing stars before heroically playing on for a couple of minutes...

Royce’s went back on the attack and Danny Reddington found himself a gap as he always does. Running away from the defence you would have put your second mortgage on him scoring, but again the ball was dislodged as he went over the try line, so plenty of Tungsten Award candidates emerging from this game! A scrum deep in Ollerton’s 22 saw Royce’s take a leaf from the opposition’s book as disruption forced the flanker to pick the ball. The scrum-half tackled and in doing so committed a “blatant” foul to be sent off the pitch for a 10 minute sit down.

The game suddenly changed and the team went from Frank Spencer to Frank Sinatra as 6 tries went in as a result of open wide play as Royce’s backs did it their way. Firstly a superb cross field kick and to Callum Firth saw the winger speed down the line and give an inside pass to Arran Phamphilon to touchdown and provide daylight in a scores. Then a miss pass delivered the ball to Danny Reddington who beat his man on the outside and won the foot race down the wing, this time getting the ball down. Reddington then found himself going under the posts again after some good play, all this with 14-men on the pitch.

Royce’s carried on as first phase plays from the kick-offs returned the ball deep into the opposition half. Appleton made up for his earlier blunder by taking a crash ball from the fly-half straight through the centre of the defence and scoring under the posts.

With the floodgates open, an opposition line out on the 5m was stolen by Stewart Clarke, who was having a storming game in his first appearance as a forward, but was brought down before he could get to the line. A pop off the ensuing ruck saw James Hinchcliffe bulldoze his way over for the try. But this try was overshadowed by a red water fountain spouting from Clarke’s head. Clarkey would head off to a wedding after the match sporting a less than proffessional looking head bandage fashioned by Dunney!

Without a recognisable back row, Reddington was sent to the scrum to pretend to be pushing. In his new found position he scored again as Ollerton tried to counter-attack to disastrous results. A long looping pass missed the intended player and bounced up into Danny’s hands for him to run through for his hat trick.

After the match Callum Frith was awarded the man of the match by Hinchie. But before he could take that first glorious sip the opposition put in their final say of the day; over-ruling to give the man of the match to the birthday boy full back Paul McLaughlin.


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