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Warwickshire Cricket League Results

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016 08:36am
Stratford-upon-Avon, Stratford-on-Avon
By Graham Seal
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Saturday 27th August 2016

On a rainy day in Warwickshire several divisions were decided today in the WCL with a few in the lower leagues left until crunch games next week, this being because of difficulties in scheduling 18 fixtures on 17 Saturdays between May and end of August.


Division 7 Aston with a Monday win against Bournville are in top spot, Thimbilemill 20 points for their win against Bournville on Saturday and Aston 2nds w1n with 24 points at Bridge Trust looks decisive.


Division 8 East sees Attleborough  hosting Ansley next week with Attleborough needing vital points to catch Kenilworth.


Division 8 West see a win for Moseley Ashfield who declared early in a bid to avoid the rain taking them above Studley.


Division 9 East sees Birmingham Avengers again winning a division and climbing up the league with Star Alvis 2nds running them close, Birmingham Avengers  win today taking them above their rivals


Division 9 West has Heart of England joining Attock in the top2 places , but even an empathic 24 to 0 win against their rivals by Heart of England could not close the gap, this division having been decided last week.


Division 10 East sees Copsewood 2nds with a fixture  versus bottom club Ambleside next week needing 20 points to draw level with Warwick 2nds at the top, Copsewood own the tie break here, Rugby 3rds needing them to slip up to retain 2nd place


Division 10 West, see Handsworth 3rd winning a division in consecutive years with Solihull Blossomfield 3rds in second


Division 11 East see Standard 3rds either 1st or second, but Bablake 4ths will play on 3rd September and could still leap frog their rivals if the achieve 12 points


Division 11 West  has Lyndworth 3rds with a 100 point gap over Bournville 3rds who will be second


Dvision 12 East  see Coleshill 3rds and Corley 3rds in action on 3rd September and tomorrow 28th August, Coleshill needing 10 points to be certain of victory.


And Finally Division 12 West, the 2 new clubs Pickwick 3rds and Aston 3rd end the season 1st and 2nds respectively, Pickwicks 4 points enough despite a 24 point win for Aston.


There was another twist in the premier division title hunt today and the fixture on the 3rd September between Bedworth and Nuneaton 2 local rivals with grounds 5 miles apart may yet prove crucial. Nuneaton with a 13 point lead were frustrated at Rugby by thunderstorms on Saturday although with a modest 163 all out it might be argues the weather did them a favour. 6 points for the draw. Bedworth playing west at Solihull Municipal who themselves led the division for several weeks fared better,and in the only game in the division to reach a positive result, the had the better of the draw with 127 for 4 chasing 209 for 9 on run rate. 4 points the gap with Olton and WW hanging in there hoping that the Nuneaton and Bedworth teams take points from each other on the 3rd September within a win of the top 2.  On the Monday Bedworth 240 at Coleshill won, as did Nuneaton winning at Hampton and Olton and west Warwicks vs Solihull Municipal. Monday results then not affecting the gaps at the top and Nuneaton and Bedworth to fight it out next week at Bedworth.


Best Performances

Top team score MOSELEY ASHFIELD 1STS 274 for 6 against DUNLOP STARS 1STS in Division 2
Lowest team score STUDLEY 3RDS 30 all out against ASTON 3RDS in Division 12 West

Individual Batting

  • Gurbhej Singh 139, for LYNDWORTH 1STS against WISHAW 1STS, in Division 2
  • R Brown 136, for MOSELEY ASHFIELD 1STS against DUNLOP STARS 1STS, in Division 2
  • J Caulfield 98, for WISHAW 1STS against LYNDWORTH 1STS, in Division 2

Individual Bowling

  • A Kennedy 6 for 16, for OLTON & WW 3RDS against CASTLE BROM 2NDS, in Division 8 West
  • Mcgrane 6 for 19, for CORLEY 1STS against HUNNINGHAM 1STS, in Division 2
  • Craig Brookes 6 for 21, for ASTON UNITY 2NDS against SOLIHULL B'FIELD 2NDS, in Division 8 West

Best Performances 29/08/2016
Top team score SHELDON MARL'GH 2NDS 280 for 8 against LYNDWORTH 2NDS in Division 5
Lowest team score NETHER WHITACRE 1STS 60 all out against WOLVEY 1STS in Division 2

Individual Batting

  • N Bashir 158, for SOLIHULL B'FIELD 1STS against LEAMINGTON KHALSA 1STS, in Division 2
  • Haleem Qasim 147, for BRIDGE TRUST OB 1STS against KNOWLE VILLAGE 2NDS, in Division 7
  • I Sadiq 138, for BABLAKE OB 2NDS against COLLYCROFT 1STS, in Division 4

Individual Bowling

  • P Miller 6 for 41, for CASTLE BROM 1STS against WISHAW 1STS, in Division 2
  • Rnj Palmer 6 for 51, for BRONZE 1STS against KENILWORTH 1STS, in Division 1
  • P Uppal 5 for 18, for NETHER WHITACRE 1STS against WOLVEY 1STS, in Division 2



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