Superb Last Minute Break Secures Win

Last Updated: Sep 23, 2013 07:56am
Corley, North Warwickshire
By Ian Coulson
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The Ks narrowly avoided a draw against Warwickians with a brilliant last minute try, breaking the run of losses and draws against the home team.

Last season, the Ks could only manage a draw and a loss against Warwickians and their recent form put them in good stead to give the Ks a decent test.

Both teams looked evenly matched from the start, but soon Warwickians made more of the play. Warwickians made a run up the K's right, but were stopped by a crushing double tackle by Tom Baggot and Luke Wager. During the scramble for the ball, the Ks conceded a penalty. 

The penalty was taken quickly and gave Warwickians their first chance to slip behind the K's defence and score their first try. Luckily for the Ks, the kick was just too far out and the conversion was missed. 

The Ks restarted and put a lot of pressure on the home team and after a solid 10 minutes of harassment and battle in the home 22, Neil Hanna slipped a pass to Luke Wager who put it down just before being bowled off the pitch. Again, the kick proved difficult and the conversion was missed leaving the score at 5-5 after 18 minutes. 

After the restart, an unlucky short pass led to a knock on, conceding a scrum. Up to this point, Warwickians were stronger in the scrum but the Ks managed to turn the tide and release Justin Jewkes who managed a 50 m run down the pitch. Left with few options, the ball was chipped and bounced too lucky for the Warwickians number 10. Not put off by the loss of possession, Jewkes chased down the number 10 and made a momentum stopping tackle. 

The Ks continued to put pressure on the midfield with Tommy Marsh feeding Neil Hanna and creating another break which was unfortunately cut short with an unlucky knock on. From the scrum, Warwickians rallied and slipped through the Ks back lines and planted a try right between the posts making an easy conversion. After 30 minutes the score was 12-5. 

Not losing heart, it was the Ks turn to run again forcing Warwickians on to the back foot and using their brute strength around the 5 m line. Luke Wager, in trouble, released to Neil Hanna, back to Wager who was overpowered over the try line. He managed to get the ball to Joel Pickering who powered through the Warwickians to score the K's second try. It was again a tough kick for Justin Jewkes, but the Ks had pulled the score back to 12-10. 

Play continued fairly evenly with the only danger coming from Warwickans' number 12 slamming forward only to be stopped dead by Tommy Marsh, who was in exactly the right place again more or less on the strike of half time. 

The second half started well for the home team, making tackles and picking up every loose ball. They made an early run after dominating which led to a penalty being conceded for off side. Warwickians used the penalty to launch a good attack which put Warwickians through to score again. This time, the conversion couldn't be made leaving the score at 17-10. 

The home team were heartened by the score and kept the pressure on the Ks and there were more than a few occasions where they could have scored again. Some excellent defending from the Ks kept the score the same until Justin Jewkes intercepted a panicked clearance and chipped it forward forcing a knock on. 

The Ks couldn't win this scrum, but Andy Kopczewski snatched a sloppy pass out of the air and managed to release Neil Hanna, who passed to Tom Baggot, who saw Neil Hanna had made space, made the catch and downed the ball for the K's third try. This time Jewkes made the conversion and drew the game level with 15 minutes of the game remaining. 

Drawing level revived the Ks and it looked like Warwickians were shaken from losing their lead. The play remained hard and fast with Warwickians scrambling away some great attacking work from the Ks. They almost turned the play with a slip through the middle, but Ed Monk put a stop to it before it really got started. 

An unfortunate off side call gifted Warwickians with a penalty 30 m out, but it was kicked short.

The clock was ticking down and it looking like the points would be shared the Ks made a last run up the pitch which was stopped short by Warwickians, play got a little rough and when they were obstructing the Ks and not rolling off, tempers boiled and the ref had to stop the play. 

A scrum was awarded to the Ks and it was decisively won releasing Justin Jewkes who skipped the last three defenders and managed to put a try down for a convenient conversion. With only 1 miute to go, the conversion was scored making it 17-24.

The ref allowed Warwickians to restart stating it would be the last play of the game. The kick was caught by Neil Hanna and the game was quickly killed. 

This was a high action game with end to end action and a lot of promising play for both sides. 

Thanks to Lisa, the referee and the home team for a great game to watch. Congratulatios to Tommy Marsh who was Man of the Match. The Ks play again next week, hosting Rugeley in a cup game, kick off is at 3pm, so come down and support your club.


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