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Bredon, Wychavon
By David Wayman
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U8 : Bredon 3 vs  0 Cheltenham

The real rugby season arrived on Sunday morning at Westmancote. The wind and rain proved no deterrent to the boys and the game was full of sparkling rugby played on a surprisingly firm surface.

Bredon ran out winners and remain unbeaten this year. The margin of victory was probably three clear scores with tries coming from elusive jinking and powerful running from Ewan 2 Jack 3 Morgan, Denby, Ben A, Benny and Ben. The slippery conditions made tagging a challenge but the boys put their hard work from the training ground into practice to make life difficult for the opposition. Any loose ball was snaffled by the Bredon lads and overall they performed better as a team. To be fair Cheltenham scored some good tries but Bredon's superior defence and support running deservedly made the difference. The final whistle was welcomed by all the supporting parents who beat a hasty retreat to the warmth of the bar. Hot dogs, bacon rolls and coffee, together with other beverages, were consumed with relish. Forget the Heineken Cup, with stars of the future already impressing this is rugby at its purest


U9 : Bredon 5 vs 5 Cheltenham

What an amazing week. After the heavy rain last week the boys came out in force to show Worcester what we were made of.

The game started well with Max scoring the first try, swiftly followed by another great try from Tolly. Some amazing tackling by Arthur, Charlie, George and Sam. Those Worcester boys didn’t know what hit them. Worcester did however manage to squeeze a try in. Making it a 2-1 to Bredon at half time.

The boys now in the lead started the second half with an unstoppable try from Max – The boy can certainly weave. Worcester scored. The ball was on the move again with an amazing tackle by Alex. Sam fought them off passed to Tolly who ran like the wind to make a try that boy certainly had his three weetabix today. There was no stopping them now – Sam earned his name as bullet when he flew through the air to score another try for Bredon.

Worcester then managed to get another try not without some outstanding tackling from Charlie along the way. Off we go again with George running with the ball but alas was pushed offside.

Worcester managed to score again – it was a tense neck and neck situation. The boys rallied round with what can only be described as true team work, passing along to each other whilst Sam did his twist and spin tactics. Worcester scored again not without a massive amount of tackling from George and Alex. Arthur has the ball and runs like his feet were on fire but alas the try not allowed.  An excellent first match of the day 5 -5 draw


U10: Bredon 5 vs 1 Tewkesbury

What a difference a week makes - from the tropics of Evesham, it was back down to earth at a wet and cold Westmancote.

It was a local derby with the U10’s taking on Tewkesbury. It was sure to be an interesting game as friends from football and school faced up against each other on the pitch. With the traditional near-horizontal rain coming down and the Bredon coaches flapping in the breeze, it was game on. Both teams set out as they meant to carry on. With Bredon on the attack, the Tewkesbury defence held fast. After eight phases of play, Alex Jameson finally broke the line with a run down the right wing, only to be tackled a couple of metres short of the line. There was an immediate counter attack from Tewkesbury with some good linking play and breaking of Bredon tackles, that had them heading down the right wing for a try until Ben took man and ball clean off the pitch with only a couple of metres to spare. Tewkesbury were not done and kept up the pressure to finally break through the line after nearly 10 mins of play for a try in the corner. The game continued with the same level of intensity with great breaks and hard tackling from both sides. As Tewkesbury tried to break out of their own half, dogged tackling from Bredon pushed Tewkesbury backwards and with a turn over ball at the ruck, Toby Jones spun a pass out to Ben to send him crashing over the line in the corner to win 5-1


U11: Bredon 24 vs 11 Evesham

With the sun shining, and plenty of players, an exciting mornings rugby was anticipated.

The match showed just how much the players have benefitted from pre-season and early-season training. The forwards played well as a unit with committed rucking and mauling to set up good ball for the backs. Will J, Joe, Jonathan, Will F and Alex were formidable at times, making life very difficult for the Evesham pack. With good delivery from Ruben at scrum half to Tom at fly half the backs were given good service leading to a fine try from James D at centre. Sam W, Jamie and Richie all provided good support in the backs. Will P showed how adaptable he is on the pitch by a fine display at full back making a number of fine covering tackles and piercing runs. All in all, it was a fine display, showing great promise for the rest of the season.


U12 : Bredon 59 - 12 Shipston

Bredon were looking for their 3rd win of the season but Shipston looked a well organised team!

Bredon kicked off & the ball went straight to touch. Shipston won the line out & put pressure on Bredon's defence. We could see that this match was going to be much tougher than the previous 2!

Bredon held strong & turned the ball over but knocked the ball on, the scrum was good & Shipston retained the ball but Bredon ripped the ball & put it through the hands but were pushed into touch.

Bredon stole the line out but again a handling error stopped the attack. Again the scrum was good & this time Bredon won the ball, it was through the hands & Chay Hawkins was over the line for the 1st score of the day.

The ball was straight out at the re start so we had a scrum on the halfway line. Bredon won again but handling errors were to let them down & Shipston turned the ball & were putting pressure on Bredon who looked a little startled at the speed of Shipstons attack! They eventually re organised & managed to steal the ball passed it through to Toby Haycock who ran the pitch to score.

Shipston re started & were much the stronger team, they were tackling & rucking well & were unlucky not to score.

Bredon were making the most of the few chances they were getting. Robbie Hardwick was doing a great job of ripping the ball & Freddie Thomas was over for Bredon's 3rd.

Shipston finished the half the better team & were eventually rewarded with a try in the last play.

Bredon caught the ball at the re start but instead of keeping it simple & passing to the player who was there, they tried a fancy pass which didn't work & let Shipston in for an early score!!

Both teams were competing well in the 2nd half with some great rugby from both. Eventually though, Bredon started to turn the screw & were the better team. The forwards were doing a good job in the scrum & in particular Albi Guilding was hooking the ball well to get the ball to the backs who used their speed to to get over the line several times before the final whistle.

Scorers Chay Hawkins (2), Toby Haycock (3), Freddie Thomas, Ben Oliver (2), Matt Oliver


U12 Bredon  54  -  32 Worcester

Bredon kicked off & the ball was caught by one of the Worcester's forwards & taken in to contact, both teams were competing well & fighting hard to secure the ball.

Worcester forwards at this point were the stronger & fed the ball out to get the 1st score of the day.

Bredon re-started & only 5 or 6 big tackles from Will Gamble & James Petts stopped Worcester making progress. Bredon rucked Worcester off the ball, turned it over & Toby Haycock was over the line.

Bredon failed to secure the ball at the re-start & the Worcester's scrum half picked up the loose ball & ran through Bredon to score.

Bredon were a little dazed by the quick score & were having to defend up to the half time whistle!

Worcester started where they left off. Bredon were defending well & managed to turn the ball over but unfortunately passed the ball to Worcester who only had to place it to score!

Bredon's heads didn't drop & started they started to put some good phases of play together & Freddie Thomas went over to score.

This period of play ended with a final score from Worcester.

The next match was against Worcester's 2nd team, we however were still pretty much the same team as our squad is much smaller!

Bredon were playing some excellent rugby & were working well as a team. The forwards were the showing how important they are with some great rucking & mauling, they dominated the play & 3 scores from Freddie, Toby & Albi Guilding put Bredon ahead overall.

The 2nd period of play started & a fantastic run from Chay Hawkins who stepped, dodged & ran through Worcester & the length of the pitch to score an individual try.

I thought that was the end & had put my pen away but it turned out that Worcester's 1st team wanted to play again!

So our boys (who hadn't had a rest!) stepped up & were playing as though they'd only played a few mins & this time they were not put off by Worcester's size & were equal to anything Worcester through at them.

There were a few handling errors as the wind was strong & Bredon were a little unlucky to let Worcester in to score the 1st try in this period. Bredon stayed strong & managed to keep Worcester away from the try line.

Before the whistle went Freddie managed to get another score.

The final period was again about the forwards & Bredon (even though they hadn't rested like Worcester) were the better pack, they put 2 big driving mauls in to push Freddie over for the final score of the day.

A great team effort & a great victory against a strong Worcester squad.


U8 Bredon 2 - 2 Worcester

Bredon U8's bounced back in style and after an hour of drills and warm ups, the parents managed to stay warm from the few bursts of sun peeking through the clouds and the catering van offerings.

The squad played 4 games against a strong well organised Worcester side. Bredon won two and lost two.

In cold and windy conditions the boys played some outstanding rugby, stringing together several phases of play with excellent support running. After a shaky start the defence came good and both groups worked well as a team to pressure the opposition and create turnovers.

Jack Henry, Lenny, Morgan, Ewan, Ollie and Ben were soon under pressure from the Premiership strugglers. Worcester played some great attacking rugby and off loads out of the "tag tackles" exposed some rusty defensive organisation, sending the home side into an early lead. Worse was to come in the first half as Jack & Henry collided as they closed in to tag the same player. The clash of heads left both players stunned and Henry bleeding from the mouth. As a result Bredon were forced to play much of the rest of the game with 6 players. It was great to see both Henry and Jack come back on to the field & the rest of the boys up their game to push Worcester all the way. However a length of the field interception try sealed the game for the home side as Bredon went down 7-5.

Henry was forced to miss the second game so the magnificent 7 became 6 and put in a great performance in defence and attack to record a comprehensive 9-5 win. Ollie's tagging was relentless and Lenny & Ben's support play stood out. Morgan Jack & Ewan made use of the space that their team-mates created and produced some fantastic running lines. Both sides scored tries reminiscent of the 1973 Barbarians v New Zealand game.

Reports from the adjacent pitch suggest the rugby was of an equally impressive quality. Will captained the side from the front and chances were created from the powerful running of Ben and Denby and some great footwork from Benny. Again Bredon came back to win the second game comfortably.


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