Tanworth see off Rowington

Last Updated: Aug 6, 2015 08:46pm
Rowington, Warwick
By Steve Jay
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Tanworth in Arden visited Rowington on Saturday and after winning the toss elected to bat.
Rowington openers Steve Jay and Sam Turrell initially struggled against Howard and Barber with 18 going off the first two overs, but Jay soon found his line and with the score on 69 he got Barber  (16) to hit one straight to Sam Turrell at mid off and the R's are on their way.
Carey joins Howard and they continue in the same vein but Andy Shaw and Matt Williams are stemming the flow of runs and eventually the frustration shows as Howard (66) lobs one straight back to Shaw and now its 112 - 2.
Carey (30) then tries to hit Williams out of the ground but misses and he's bowled 116 - 3.
Patel and Turnbull are at the crease but Turnbull plays at one from Shaw and edges to keeper Tommy Williams for a single - 120 - 4. The Tanworth Williams (0) then comes in and is bowled straight away by Shaw and now its 120 - 5.
S Jones doesn't do much but partner an attacking Patel and they get to 133 when Jones(4) is bowled by Matt Williams, the other S Jones comes in and he suffers the same fate LBW to Williams without troubling the scorer and now its 154 - 7.
D Turnbull (17) comes in to join Patel and plays some lovely shots to move the score to 178 when he skies one to Tom Jefferson at backward square and he takes the catch, 8 down. 
D Williams arrives and after blocking a couple moves out of the crease to admire his shot and is stumped by Tommy Williams for a duck, 178 - 9.
M Barber then partners Patel to take the score to 200 when Patel hits one straight down Alex Smiths throat and he's gone for a fine 57 and Tanworth are all out for 200 in 43 overs.
Jay         10    3    44    1
Turrell      6    0    49    1
Shaw     10    1    35    3
Williams 10    2    30    4
Rogers     3    0    24    0
Lange      3    1    16    1
After a waitress served tea, and rather sumptuous it was the Rowington openers Scott Rogers and Alex Smith strode out to the crease, Rogers is to face the first ball......he edges it to gully
off R Turnbull and the fielder holds out a hand and it sticks and Rowington are 0 - 1.
In comes Joe Turrell and he gets s single before A Turnbull encourages him to hit one straight back to him and now its 1 - 2, not the greatest of starts!
Tommy Williams and Smith move the score to 12 when Smith (4)  does the same as Rogers with the same result and R Turnbull has another 12 - 3.
Not to be out done A Turnbull then bowls Tommy Williams ( 6) and now its 12 - 4.
A wide moves the score to 13 when Tom Jefferson gets bowled for a duck and so Sam Turrell and Ben Skillings are at the crease, Turrell tries to move the score on and at 18 Skillings gets adjudged LBW off R Turnbull for another Rowington duck and so its 18 - 6.
Sam Lane comes in and immediately edges to the keeper for another R's duck and now Rowington are 20 - 7 off 13 overs!
Matt Williams helps Turrell move the score to 58 when Turrell is caught off Barber for 26, 58 - 8 and so will the Rowington tail wag?
Andy Shaw joins Williams and they begin to move the score along, there are plenty of overs but with only one wicket left it is going to be tough, they get to 105 off 30 overs when Williams is another R Turnbull victim and he's gone for 39. 105 - 9.
Steve Jay is the last man having sweated in his pads since over number 13, ( he's never done that before!) and together with Shaw they set about getting their first target of 125 and another precious point, they soon achieved that and started to move towards the 150, there were still 10 overs to go and they were on 137, only just under 7 an over required and easily do-able as this showed on the Tanners faces as the pressure mounted on the bowlers as wides were abound. 
In the 39th over Shaw is facing Carey and despite a huge step down the ball hits his pads and the umpires finger eventually goes up and Rowington are all out for 142, with Shaw on 22 and 
Jay 17no.
R Turnbull    6 - 25
A Turnbull    2 - 13
Barber         1 - 37
Carey          1 - 35
A good effort by Rowington to get the Tanners all out for 200 with 2 extra overs for them was wasted by some very poor batting by the top order, these games happen and at least the tail showed it can wag! now its off to Winchcombe next week to put this one to bed and get another victory....hopefully!


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