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Karting for Injured Troops

Last Updated: Jan 14, 2016 07:46pm
Newbury, West Berkshire
By Kartforce
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We’re thrilled to announce that a documentary is being filmed about Team BRIT and the journey to Le Mans.

This documentary is a massive milestone for Team BRIT.

The drivers have worked really hard to re-build their lives, and motorsport has been a key factor in this process. It’s going to be great to show the world what goes on behind the scenes and how the drivers push themselves so hard. Their achievements are truly inspirational, and we hope this will have a positive impact on people with disabilities, PTSD and depression.

What Scruffy Bear Pictures is doing is following Team BRIT from their first year of racing, all the way up to taking part in the Le Mans 24 Hours.

The team have been amazing to work with, very open, very, very funny at times.

Unique and engaging content is what today’s brands are looking for.

On-car branding is no longer sufficient on its own, to help generate the return on investment that companies currently demand.

Scruffy Bear Pictures are creating "that content" which will add real value and opportunity, in order to maximise an association with Team BRIT.

With the documentary still in the early stages, there is a great opportunity for your company to become part of the amazing journey that Team BRIT are undertaking.

Click HERE to view our promo video.


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